The Seven Great Things About English Teacher In Toronto

The Seven Great Things About English Teacher In Toronto

Reminiscing back on my school days, a particular subject always pops up. English classes. While most people were never dedicated study enthusiasts during those days, something about English teacher in Toronto always strikes out as superhuman. Something about them stands out from the rest of the teachers.

They are zealous people. The great deal of passion shown by these English mentors is mesmerizing. The way they described that beautiful character from a Shakespeare story book. Coupled with the heart they put into it and that mysterious ancient English style always put me in a trance. They easily paint that dreamy portrait of a gorgeous woman so vividly at the back of your head.

They are the realest book junkies I have ever met. Every time you would go to see them in the staff room, they had a different book in their hands. Not just a small book, but the huge kind. Probably hogging at least a staggering amount of 500 pages. They would even almost always be talking about what they read in class. It is eluding how these people always had the time for this. Besides, they were elder siblings, mothers or fathers with tones of domestic responsibilities.

They absolutely relish individualism. They are the only teachers who embrace the entire class. This includes the naughty ones that sit at the back. In fact, this is the only teacher such naughty kids would behave in front of. English teachers would take time to know every student they have. They would even take it upon themselves to have one on one sessions. This too done with utter enthusiasm and zeal.

They are the only teachers who could easily balance spontaneity and structure. English teachers have this magical ability of being spontaneous and structured at the same time. How they do it as mystery in its own entirety. This is what definitely sets them apart from all other teachers. The unpredictability of their classes leaves students frequently checking their time tables to know when the next English lesson would be. Monotony and boredom is never an issue with these classes.

They relish at the process of molding young minds. It satisfies them to watch their students grow, to watch their prowess increase, to understand the artistic nature entangled within their stories. However much they complain that they need a new career, that they are tired, they have had it. They know deep down inside, this is what they live for. The thrill of challenging and sculpting brilliant minds in the classroom that would one day change the world.

They have this immense emotional impact. They impart a powerful feeling on you. That you can do anything. That you can do better, read, write, think and learn like a pro. However big and scary this world feels, the make it seem like a small challenge. Great English each teachers nurture that sense of heroism within their disciples.

Finally, they get extremely anxious when their students are doing their exams. This shows that they hold themselves accountable for their students performance. They actually derive satisfaction in the good performance of their students.

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