Key Occasions To Transpire During The Victorian Era

Key Occasions To Transpire During The Victorian Era

During the rule of Queen Victoria, the Great Britain experienced very many record marking events. Due to the leadership of this great ruler, these times were characterized by peace, national self confidence, refined sensibilities and immense success. Known as the Victorian era, times between 1837 and 1901 were quite evolutionary for England and the world at large. People had a change from rationalism to romanticism and mysticism in religion, social values and art as well.

Being among the longest monarch leadership periods, this era experienced very many amazing events. Some of these events marked growth and development, other simply dragged civilization back into the olden times. Among the previous is the great famine. This Irish potato famine was a time when people really suffered. It was kick started when unknown parasites attacked Irish potato farms and destroyed all crops. Very many people died during this period. In addition, numerous others opted to emigrate to other places to lead lives that are more suitable.

During the same Victoria era, two idealists put concepts to together and created the famous socialist manifesto. The heads behind these concepts were Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx. After being published in 1848, the declaration quickly gained fame and led to the industrial uprising. People started migrating from rural areas to cities to find jobs. With time, this movement helped forge a feeling of togetherness among workers.

In the year 1851, all roads led to the glorious crystal palace, as this was where the great exhibition was being hosted. Elites from all parts of the continent flooded this palace to display their technological prowess and other innovations as well. This exhibition went on for an approximated period of five months. This was an event to reckon with as numerous great technologies and other creative works were witnessed. A few years later, the Crimean war started.

Apart from the creation of Big Ben clock, it was during this same timeline that it was installed into the Elizabeth tower. The combination of these two major features created the most prestigious landmark of all time. It also became the representation of London and the United Kingdom as one.

During this same time also, control over India was returned to the crown of England. The control over these lands was originally in the control of the British east India Company. The company saw it necessary to handle over the nation due to the Indian Rebellion that had taken place earlier in 1857. This was preceded by the Imperial rule that lasted until the nonviolent movement orchestrated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Technological advancement did not start yesterday. It has been a longtime coming as small but steady steps of progress have been on way for a while now. For instance during the Victoria era, the introduction and use of telegraph technology quite influenced the people and nation at large. People were able to share information with ease.

The origin of species by Charles Darwin also played its part in making this Victoria era a remarkable one. Darwin published his theory that the species on earth have simply evolved from other simpler creatures over millions of years. This quite contracted the religious perspective of things and hence caused many controversies.

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