In Memory Of African American Heroes These Days

In Memory Of African American Heroes These Days

Most black individuals now are living in this country. They continue to making history and have been successful of the things that they do. And that what makes them famous. They give pride to the country and been recognize by many. And all the sacrifices they had before has been paid off.

These people deserve all the recognition that is right to them. And building a good relationship with all is necessary. So conflict would be avoided. But some are too stubborn to understand them. African American heroes Missouri aims to promote their identity and that they will be welcome in the society that they live in.

They have been living around the area together with their loved ones. And some transferred to other places. But they still remember their roots and they give back the love they love and the respect that they earned. They move because they wanted to explore and they are not afraid of change. And it is a change for the better. So they can make everyone happy and proud of them.

They always practice the good qualities they learned and taught to them. And not just because of their talent and for being brilliant individuals. They gain respect from a lot of people especially from the Caucasian. They are treated well and have given what is right to them.

Some welcome them with open arms, but some still give judgment. They think they do are not part of the community due to their color. They treated as outcaste and they think do not like to make friends with them. They continue to seek attention and be recognize by everybody.

These should receive equal treatment. After all they are human. And racist must be stop. So there will be no war and everyone will work hard for development of their country and to uplift the lifestyle of. Working together for the betterment of in the community. And instead of fighting.

There are famous that make this country very proud. They are many to mention. If you look around, you will hear them and you could read their names everywhere and their roots. Most of them are successful and very smart individuals. And the best example to that, one become a President in the country. And became the most powerful person in the world.

Since then, everyone are paying respect to them. Maybe there is some who does not, but majority of people in this area respect them and they do their best to stay away from trouble. And February marks as a remembrance to their history. The government has declared that as national holiday to honor the heroes before and today.

The most important is that racism should be stop. To have the unity and peace in one place. And in any parts of the globe. Since they live anywhere, they continue to make others proud. For sharing their talents and hard work.

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