Important Practices Of Anti Bullying

Important Practices Of Anti Bullying

According to recent research, nearly 32 percent of learners claim to be bullied at school. Peace at school is always compromised since a bullied student is likely to carry a weapon, suffer depression, physically fight with other students, or develop other mental problems. Schools that have a conducive study environment that is free from bullying tend to perform well than their counterparts characterized by high percentage of bullying. Principals and teachers are supposed to implement anti bullying measures that should be embraced by every learner.

Parents and senior staffs have left the responsibility of handling bullies to teacher. This has complicated the work of teachers, and they end up spending much of their classroom time solving indiscipline cases. The rules that are set to deal with the misconducts must be observed carefully by all the stakeholders ranging from the students, teachers, principal, and non-teaching staffs. The principal should handle both the students and staffs carefully. Practicing collective decision-making is a smart move. Every staff feels appreciated when consulted during making of important decisions.

The principals must implement rules that are required to be observed by every stakeholder. The values of the school should be reinforced and observed by each person. It is important to sponsor the children to attend paid conferences, workshops, or seminars. Principals, students, and teachers should be involved during the setting of the rules. The children must be couched to report misconduct to an adult instead of taking actions in their own hands.

Adult supervision is a good strategy of creating a conducive study environment. An adult should visit different classes before lessons begin to check what the learners are doing. During the weekends at least to adults should be present within the compound of the institution. They should also visit the hallways, locker rooms, cafeterias, and stairwells. An adult should accompany the students as they are leaving for home until they all disperse. Making sure children understand why bullying is disadvantageous is paramount. They should grow up knowing how to treat their colleagues.

Many mistreatment prevention activities that can be conducted in an institution include creative arts, dance competitions, assemblies, and communication campaigns. These activities are likely to bring the learners together. The activities should be geared towards reinforcing the message that bullying is wrong. When the students are allowed to teamwork, they are able to establish meaningful relationships.

Teachers must make a point of understanding policies that are set by the local or state. Listening to issues that are troubling the students is the best method of solving conflict. When they are aware that someone is there to defend them, they will be willing to report inappropriate behaviours.

Parents have a duty of eliminating inappropriate behaviour within the institution environment. They should spend time with their kids and find out how they are faring at schools. At times, asking the kids to invite their friends at home during weekends or holidays is vital.

When a child is trained on how to treat others at young age, she or he grows to be a peacemaker. A parent must train the kid on how to handle both colleagues and adults. They should be aware that teasing, pushing, and fighting are not allowed.

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