History Of New York Flag

History Of New York Flag

Giovanni da Verrazano, an Italian-born navigator sailing for France, discovered New York Bay in 1524. Henry Hudson, an Englishman employed by the Dutch, reached the bay and sailed up the river now bearing his name in 1609, the same year that northern New York was explored and claimed for France by Samuel de Champlain. This is how New York was discovered, but its flag has a history as well.

Europeans began to explore the region at the beginning of the 16th century-among the first was Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian who sailed up and down the Atlantic coast in search of a route to Asia-but none settled there until 1624. Today, more than 8 million people live in the city\’s five boroughs.

The ship is a representation of the state\’s commerce. On top of the shield, an eagle is shown perching a globe, that stands for the Western Hemisphere. Below the shield the state motto \”Excelsior\” that means \”Ever Upward\”, is written on a white streamer.

On one side of the shield stands \”Justice,\” her hair decorated with pearls. She is blindfolded and carries a sword in one hand and a scale in the other hand. These symbols represent the impartiality and fairness of justice required to mete out punishment and reward. Justice is clothed in gold with a blue belt edged with red.

The State of New York has joined the United States on 4 July 1777, at the Declaration of Independence, as a part of the original thirteen states that created the United States. It is known as the \”Empire State\” and its capital is Albany.

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