Get Custom Printed Apparels from DTG Screen Printing Company

Get Custom Printed Apparels from DTG Screen Printing Company

Everyone loves wearing t-shirts and apparels with catchy texts and graphics imprinted on them. The beautiful designs of floral prints, quotes, animation and images on shirts, denims and other garments are something that always attracts individuals to buy them. This is the reason for the flourishing of the screen printing industry that produces immaculate prints on the garments. The printing methods which are widely used are referred as DTG or direct to garment printing, screen printing and for certain cases through embroidery. To facilitate DTG printing, especially engineered vertical digital textile printers are used. These printers are capable in producing vivid colorful prints and graphics with preciseness and clarity using their high speed print heads. These printers and machines can print on any textile fabric, be it cotton, polyester, wool, denim and even leather.

In the process of DTG screen printing, ink is forced through a screen, following a stencil pattern, which is used to print on billboards, ring-binders, bumper sticker and t-shirts. It is also a stencil method of printing in which the desired blueprint is being forced on the screen of a fine mesh. It is a kind of print technique that is most efficient to produce printing patterns on any garments or apparels as it provides high color count and the print is usually fade resistant and durable.

There are some experienced DTG printing services provider in the US which provide reliable DTG screen printing solutions for their customers. Bay Promotions is one such company based in Titletown, US that provides you with a variety of options when it comes to high-quality screen printing, embroidery and direct to garment products. They can help you in your garment business by providing you with the apparels and garments with prints and embroideries that you want on them. The company owns Multiple Automatic Presses and also uses manual printing for designing on textile materials. Apart from cloth printing they also provide services of labeling, logo printing, folding, bagging, printing on towels, headwear, caps etc.

About Bay Promotions:

Bay Promotions is a family owned company offering contract printing services for various businesses by providing them with customized printed products and apparels at affordable costs. For more information, please visit

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