Choose a Reliable Company Providing Durable and Strong Machine Stretch Film

Choose a Reliable Company Providing Durable and Strong Machine Stretch Film

A stretch film wrap has high degree of industrial significance. As its name suggests, stretch film is a stretchable packaging material manufactured from LLDPE (Linear low-density polyethylene). These films have elastic recovery property and are used extensively to wrap products and items in various manufacturing as well as supply chain units. When a product or an assembly part is to be transported from one destination to another, there are high risks of those getting damaged in the process, stretch films protect them by keeping them bounded with its good holding force. Thus, stretch films, due to their distinguished inert characteristics keeps the items safe and secure when wrapped around the products in transit. It significantly reduces product damage and saves them from getting harmed and deformed.

With advancements in the stretch film manufacturing sector, newer developments are coming up every day introducing innovations in stretch films and wraps with improved puncture resistance, clarity and variety in color and design. These films are available in several sizes, widths, thicknesses and gauges. The customers who wish to buy these stretch films must analyze their industrial needs and requirements accordingly and choose the reliable company to source these stretch films from. There are a few companies that have dedicated their services in providing high quality stretch films made from high-end stretch film machine delivering best performance that provide the user the benefit of extraordinary clarity in the thinner and stronger films. They also help you understand your requirements for products and items and accordingly let you choose what would be a perfect solution for you.

Malpack Corp is a remarkable and reputable company that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of superior quality stretch films that suit the packaging needs of clients. Their extensive range of products such as hand films, specialty films, wide web films and UVI films are manufactured using the best and latest technology machines that ensure high tear strength and durability in it. Their machine stretch film offer great puncture resistance, excellent clarity and outstanding binding force and are available in gauge ranges 42 to 70. The company is full of experts and highly qualified professionals that can assist you in all your requirements.

About Malpack Corp:

Malpack Corp is a renowned company that manufactures high-quality stretch films of various types, sizes, patterns and colors to serve various purposes and product types. They also provide the services of private label programs for their customers through which they can customize stretch films according to their needs. For more information, visit

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