Methods Of Brochure Printing That Is Eco Friendly

Methods Of Brochure Printing That Is Eco Friendly

The printing industry has come under intense pressure in recent times to reduce processes which damage the environment. Brochure printing is one of the areas currently undergoing serious adjustments to conform to demands by customers in this respect. When planning to come up with a start-up, you need to factor in these requirements since they are a major determinant of your future success. You will achieve brochure printing that is eco friendly in a number of ways.

One of the most important areas you need to consider is the type of ink being used in your firm. The traditional types are derived from petroleum products. The problem with these types is that when they are exposed to the atmosphere, they result in the formation of smog which in turn reduces visibility and is also a known trigger for asthmatic attacks. Soy-based alternative inks are a way better option.

You will have two choose the paper needed carefully. Your options include virgin and recycled paper. Virgin paper is that which has not been used before. Increased use of virgin paper directly affects the environment due to the need to cut more trees. Recycled paper, in contrast, has been manufactured from paper which was previously put to other uses. It not only causes less environmental damaged but is also associated with lower production costs.

Water is an important natural resources which should be used carefully. Without recycling, estimates indicate about 65% of water used in a printing firm goes to waste. Adopt a water recycling system in which as little water as possible is used. Efforts should also be made to ensure effluent is well treated so that it does not pollute the water reservoirs into which it is released.

Fossil fuels are a leading source of carbon emissions and their use should be minimized as much as possible. Efforts should be directed at replacing the petroleum based sources with the renewable sources (such as solar and wind). Replace old inefficient equipment with which which will give you the greatest output for every unit of electricity used. This can be done progressively over time.

There are two main printer types one can choose from. The analogue printer has been in existence for many years. While the cost per page is quite low, other costs such as those associated with making printing plates eventually inflate it. The digital printer is fairly new and is quickly replacing the analogue type. In spite of the higher per page printing cost, the quality of brochures is better.

Design your brochure in a manner which ensures the number of pages are as few as possible. This is done by restricting yourself to the key message and providing references for any other information which may be needed. There are two main benefits when such a design is used: lower production costs and conservation of trees due to a lower demand for paper.

Implementing sustainable brochure printing requires that one looks at all the areas of the supply chain. These range from suppliers of raw materials, the production of brochures and the delivery of the finished product to the consumer. The guiding principle should be to minimize wastage of natural resources and to eliminate processes causing environmental degradation.

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