Trusted Repair Shop Provides All Of Your Automotive Service Needs

Trusted Repair Shop Provides All Of Your Automotive Service Needs

Today\’s cars have many microprocessors and computerized components and the shade tree mechanic of yesterday simply cannot keep up with all the recent changes. In fact, it can be near impossible for the untrained auto owner to do his own work. But fear not. Your Chicago car repair shop is there to help you.

Every so many miles, it is very important to change the motor oil in your engine. In fact, if you fail to do so on time, you risk voiding your new car warranty. To change your own oil, you will need to buy the right kind of oil. Most newer engines require synthetic oil and it must be of a specific viscosity. This is absolutely essential.

After buying oil, you must also buy a filter and you may need to purchase a new drain plug with gasket. Many motors today utilize crush gaskets which compress after installation to create a perfect seal. Once removed, these gaskets should be discarded and replaced. If not, you might be dealing with a serious leak.

Modern engines have many components made of super strong aluminum alloys for less weight. However, if your engine has an aluminum oil pan it is not difficult to tighten the drain plug too much. This will strip the threads and you could be looking at a repair bill for a brand new oil pan, or even a new engine.

When you change oil, it is very easy to get dirty unless you have a way to raise the vehicle up in the air and something to lie on. Plus, any kind of auto maintenance procedure can end up with cut hands or scraped knuckles. Once the job is completed, you should inspect for leaks and check belts and hoses.

You may spend a great deal of time and trouble performing your own repairs and maintenance. However, there is a much easier solution. Take your vehicle to your Chicago automotive professionals. They offer affordable and guaranteed services.

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