Locating Right Hand Drive Camaro Conversion

Locating Right Hand Drive Camaro Conversion

If you plan to move to a country where cars drive on the right, many vehicle owners will have their cars controls moved to the opposite side. If you are searching for right hand drive camaro conversion, there are a couple options available. You will not be breaking any laws by keeping your imported car as standard, but making some changes will make driving easier, and more convenient.

Converting your vehicle from left hand to right hand drive is not as simple as swapping a few parts to the other side. The main driving controls such as pedals and steering wheel will need to be switched across as well as some control switches and mirrors. The car will need some work doing underneath on the brakes and suspension and the headlights will also need some adjustment.

The cheapest option when getting conversions done is to purchase a parts kit and carry out the modifications at home. This is a very cost effective way to convert your vehicle and there are a number of suitable packages available. You will need to bear in mind that some of the end results will be quite crude with many metal parts and other components left exposed.

Locating a suitable conversion kit for your Camaro will be fairly easy and there are many internet based companies that specialize in retailing these packages. The parts kits are supplied with the necessary fitting instructions and a web link for technical support and advice. When doing the modifications, you may also need to purchase tools and equipment to allow you to complete your project and your supplier can help you with these items.

The preferable way to get the job done is to give your car to one of the many specialist engineering companies. There are a large number of established businesses with many years of experience that can carry out these modifications. It is going to be more expensive than if you do the work as a home project but the work will be covered by a warranty.

If you employ a technician to do the work on your vehicle a far better finish will be achieved. All new parts fitted will be invisible and in most instances the car will look like a factory produced right hand drive model. One main advantage of using a professional is that they will continue to look after your vehicle in the future.

Whichever way you convert, your vehicle will have to be inspected by a qualified engineer, to ensure it complies with the regulations. If the car has been converted by a firm it will be returned to you with all documents confirming that it is safe to drive. When the conversion has been done as a home project, the car can be submitted for the checks and the documents can be issued.

After making any major changes to a vehicle, the manufacturers guarantee will not be valid. It is also worth noting that the future value of your Camaro could also be affected after the conversion. It is a legal requirement on most countries that you inform your car insurance company after modification as it can often affect the cover they provide.

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