New Orleans Boutique Hotels Versus Corporate Chains

New Orleans Boutique Hotels Versus Corporate Chains

Whether traveling for business, fun or on a honeymoon, there are a number of lodging options when it comes to the Crescent City. For example, New Orleans boutique hotels often have a lot to offer. For, while there are a number of corporate hotels in the area, most are located in business and financial sectors. Whereas, these smaller hotels are often located in prime tourist areas such as Bourbon Street and the French Quarter.

While there are some smaller hotels in the outskirts, the best of the smaller lodging options are often found in the French Quarter and Bourbon Street area of the city. If looking for a local upscale lodging option, many of these establishments can be found in the Garden District. Whereas, most corporate hotels are located near the arts and financial district just north of downtown.

While corporate hotels often have the highest prices, boutique hotels are still more costly than staying at a local youth hostel. For, while a number of hostel oriented websites promote prices of $20-$50 per night, many boutique and corporate chains are often upwards of $100 or more. As a result, anyone traveling on a shoe-string budget may want to check out the local youth hostel scene.

For those traveling on a shoe-string budget, other options include staying at one of the local youth hostels. For, sites like HostelWorld and others often have lodging in the twenty dollar per night range, unlike boutique and corporate locations which often over one hundred per night. In addition, hostels often provide lockers, a kitchen, cooking pans and utensils and a refrigerator.

When traveling alone, a youth hostel is often a great option. For, not only do hostels offer a full kitchen, refrigerator, laundry room, dorm or private room and lockers, there are often group outings. As such, those traveling alone looking to go out on the town can do so safely with a group of others rather than having to maneuver the city by oneself.

Bed and breakfasts can offer a great opportunity for honeymooners and those celebrating a special occasion. While this is the case, these establishments can often be booked a year or more in advance. As such, when planning a romantic stay at a bed and breakfast in the Crescent City, it is often best to book as far in advance as possible.

For larger families, an Air B&B might be a better option. When it comes to these newer lodging options, there are often multiple rooms. In most cases, these locations allow for stays which feel more like being “at home.” As such, parents and children can all have the privacy necessary to maintain a peaceful presence while still experiencing a great stay.

For those whom can afford to do so, one of the best way to see the Crescent City and all it has to offer is by booking a vacation package. These packages are especially popular during events like the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival. Although, while convenient can often be far more costly than self-booking a trip and obtaining tickets for various events, festivals and other attractions.

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