Multiple Uses Of A Fleur De Lis Symbol

Multiple Uses Of A Fleur De Lis Symbol

A sign and image is typically used to represent something. A red cross sign in particular, commonly signifies cemeteries and hospitals. In the past decades, a lot of people and organizations used them to represent their country, beliefs and other things. Nowadays, some symbols are still active and in used. For some individuals, these are somewhat helpful and important for them.

Each country has their rich history and origin of things. One of the renowned figure from the past and up to the present times is the fleur de lis New Orleans. Its a stylized lily that is mainly composed of three petals bound together. Normally, its seen in the country of France. Apparently, it has numerous uses nowadays. Find out more about this on the following paragraphs.

Buildings and architecture. There are old buildings that have installed it in fence posts to keep intruders from infiltrating the place. You may have notice it in some historical buildings such as an old castle and churches. Usually, its seen in cornices and such. Even if it is typically used in the past, some modern establishments and architecture are using it in walls and other structures.

Armed forces. You can easily notice such thing in military badges of western nations. In addition, it could even be used as a capa badge. For some nations, it is a symbol of success, sign of capturing an enemy and accomplishment of an effective military brigade to name a few. Up until now, many countries and places are still using it for their own particular reasons and beliefs.

You may not be familiar with this, but the symbol is also in utilized in sports. Numerous sports teams have it in their logos. Example of the sports are the ice hockey, baseball, basketball and other sports game. For players who have interest in such thing, they put it as a tattoo. For fans and players, having it can give inspiration and ultimate happiness to their goals.

Education. The emblem mostly appears in logos of some renowned colleges and universities all around the globe. Some college fraternities also regard such symbol. No one knows the reasons why educators and students consider it in their flags and logos. But what is important is that it somehow strengthen the identity of people.

Scouting. Obviously, its perceived in scouting factors. Many Scouting organizations are making use of it. Normally, its a badge for scout soldiers. Apparently, its considered as a cavalry regiment. In addition, it signifies a motif. And it might be considered as scout badges. Have you seen the three figures on the symbol. These things signify the three different kinds of promises in scouting.

Apparently, it has other uses too. It could be utilized in less traditional means. Its most likely a tattoo for some or it can be a cultural emblem. There are modern firms and companies that include it as their logo. Even if its not normally perceived, it has give inspiration to numerous people.

Literature. The emblem has been drawn in books and other published paper. It recurs in French literature like The Hunchback of Notre Dame made by Victor Hugo. Other royalties also consider using it which standard name is iris but occasionally refer to a lily.

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