How To Achieve The Best Hot Air Balloon Colorado Experience

How To Achieve The Best Hot Air Balloon Colorado Experience

Nothing compares to the peace and tranquility of being lifted motionless from the earth to the crispy morning breeze on a balloon ride. It is a great way to relax, celebrate special occasions or make them. To achieve the best hot air balloon Colorado experience, one must get the best local company available.

Balloon rides in Colorado allows a person to have a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountain, prairie grasslands, twisting rivers, golden plains, ochre canyons and a glimpse of the local wildlife. A low level contour allows for a better touch with the nature such as picking pinecones, splashing in a river and better view of the wildlife. During the hot air balloon festivals, balloons are tethered to the ground to allow for close up views.

The length of a flight depends on the winds, available landing site and fuel. Most companies in Colorado offer a one hour to four hours experience. The flights take place in the morning hours as the weather is stable and the breeze gentle. Each company has its own launching sites. Generally, the common sites are in the mountain towns and Front Range cities.

The rides have special treats which vary with each company. Treats include, a continental breakfast, after flight champagne, a flight certificate and a passenger photo. Most companies offer rides all year round including the winter season. Temperature inversion makes the environment above the ground warm enough for the flight during winter.

For a great flight, all passengers should arrive early to avoid delays. Additionally, the process of balloon inflation is awesome and a great chance for taking photos. The next step after inflation involves lighting of the burner. At this point everyone boards and the flight starts. The flight is usually motionless unless when the pilot changes the altitude or when there is a strong wind. Landing sites are usually not the same thus, there is usually a chase vehicle with qualified crew following the balloon. Their function is to transport their customer back and help in the landing procedure and packing. Celebrations and the traditional champagne toasting takes place upon landing.

The variety of companies in the market calls for close scrutiny to avoid getting unreliable companies who can put your life at risk. For a good experience, you must get a reputable company. To start your search, seek for advice and recommendations from people within your circle. Search engines will provide a good means of contacting and viewing profiles of different companies. Be sure to check reviews of clients and ratings of a company.

After choosing a company, be sure to ask them several important questions. Ask about their working experience. The company should provide you with a real physical address and should not insist on sending your certificate via mail. If you cannot go to the address, verify it using Google locations. Inquire about the name and experience of the pilots of the company. Ensure the pilots are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. A pilot with more hours of flight is highly experienced and the best.

Ask about any accident records and confirm their claim with the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board. Check if they are accredited by local trade organizations and the Better Business Bureau website. Ensure the crew is well trained and know about the terms of gift certificates.

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