Going On Student Travel Tours Manhattan

Going On Student Travel Tours Manhattan

While in school, you may end up touring a lot of places. Over this period of time you get to see so many interesting sites. New York City is known worldwide as a tourist attraction. It happens to be one of the most vibrant and energy parked cities in the world. While on your student travel tours Manhattan, there are a number of sites that count as a must see.

The world renowned statue of liberty is one of these sites. It is located on Liberty Island which is within New York City, but surrounded by New Jersey waters. The statue is a symbol freedom, given to America as a gift from the French. Lady liberty holds an inscribed book in one hand and a torch in the other.

Time square is known for its flashy billboards, cinemas and throngs of people. It is also seen in many movies, as a scene for flash mobs. It lies in the center of the town and is always packed with people. When looking for a place to relax, central park is where to go. Being the first public urban park, it offers a relaxed atmosphere for the residents.

For art lovers there is variety to choose from. With over five museums located within the town, you can visit any or all of them depending on your preference. The wax museum is also one of the more unconventional places to go see. If the search is for the performing arts, then Lincoln center offers five different venues dedicated to this.

Broadway offers the best in the category of theater. It has world renown shows performed there. With over thirty theaters, you cannot miss a show to watch on any given day. Fifth Avenue is a shoppers dream. It is home to designer shops as well as many other commercial retail stores.

In terms of culture New York is completely multicultural. China town has the largest concentration of people of Asian descent anywhere outside Asia. It is home to thousands of oriental hotels giving you taste of their cuisine. Another area is Little Italy. It is filled with narrow cobblestone streets and the aroma of authentic Italian food.

While walking around, you will definitely see all the skyscrapers ranging from the world trade center, empire state building to the Chrysler building. A visit to Rockefeller will give you a view of the best of art as well as a view of the city form their observatory.

A trip to the nine eleven world trade center memorial is in order. It is located on the grounds where the buildings stood. It is in memory of those who lost their lives, on the September of the year two thousand, due to a terrorist attack.

Where you visit and how long you stay, will depend mainly on the schedule and the age of the people with you. Hiring a guide might be a good idea, as they will offer information on the main sights and prevent you from getting lost in the place.

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