Little-known About Bible Study Fellowship Lessons

Little-known About Bible Study Fellowship Lessons

Literacy is one the things that people are advocating for in the current world and those who have are not able to read and write are considered illiterate. We will look on religious matters whereby people do investigate and read the bible into greater depth so that they understand what the word of God entails. They gather for bible study fellowship lessons whereby they are know more about God and understand all His parts of creation.

People have become too busy for God forgetting that He is the giver of life and all thing are possible with His guidance. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom so goes the biblical illusion hence people should do things that please their Maker. Prayer unchains powers of evil since they are a strong weapon that all Christians should be armed with and God answers their prayers.

Error is a human nature so goes the adage and human beings constantly sin and this does not please God. In order to bridge the gap between human and God people should repent their sins to the Almighty so that his wish can be done upon their lives. The power of the darkness that tries to make human being s go astray is broken by prayers hence they people should pray without ceasing.

Reading the book of God and indulging in prayers makes Gods blessings to come over us hence we should do these each and every time. Kids should be trained by their parents on how to read the Holy Bible and how to play and they grow with Gods favor upon their lives. Kids do part from evil friends and pray for their daily needs when they are trained at a tender age and even when they grow old the teachings are still inscribed in their hearts.

Without hope life loses meaning hence hope is a crucial virtue in life of every human being. Many are the times when storms do pull over in life and one thinks that God is not with him or her due to the challenges they go through but God knows everything in their lives. Fellowship lessons meant to please the Creator restores lost hope to those whose hope was gone.

There are different places whereby these fellowships should take place considering activities of man. People can meet at school as students, meet at church or even have gatherings at their homes as neighbors and friends. Where two or three people meet with a common goal of seeking the face of God, He is among them so says the biblical illusion.

People do use the social media in many ways and mostly to campaign immorality. God hates immoral people hence the social media should be used as a way to campaign Gods love and share bible scriptures every now and then. Prayer items should be posted and each member should pray for the power of God to come upon their lives and fulfill all that they dream for.

Unity is strength so goes the adage and through fellowships Christians faith and hope reaches the top most level which is beyond measure. They discover the reason of being on earth and how Gods love is on them. Life burdens become less when they surrender their lives to God.

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