How To Get Ready For The Rapture

How To Get Ready For The Rapture

The Christian community all over the world is preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ. It is believed that He will come in the night like a thief to take his kin away from the earth; in any case the people who will be left behind will endure years of suffering and pain. To avoid being left behind, Christians the world over are preparing for the rapture.

During his stay here on earth, Jesus warned his followers to be ready at all times since no one knows the day or hour he will be returning. For some who are living right, it will be a moment of joy and celebration while for some it will be a time of crying and gnashing teeth. Therefore, those who believe in Christ ought to be serious while preparing for the second coming.

These days, you will encounter a lot of literature and teaching that are targeted towards winning more souls to Christ. The gospel of Christ must be preached to all so that no one will have an excuse and this is the mandate many chapels across Oxnard, CA are trying to do. We must win more souls so that nobody will be left behind.

The first step to qualify for this event is to accept Jesus and get saved. People need to know that they might miss the coming of Jesus Christ unless they fully surrender unto him because he is the getaway to God the Father. He will have to approve those he will find worthy to return with him to God.

To be forgiven of all our sins, we must accept water baptism just as shown to us by John the Baptist who also baptized Jesus Christ; this was an example of how we ought to lead of Christian life. Repentance leads to forgiveness hence we must do this always to be right with God.

Once you receive baptism through water, you pave way for the Holy Ghost to enter your life. Jesus through his teachings emphasized on the role of the Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit comes in, you begin to have endless peace and joy. He will wash away your sins and shame and ensure you live right as you wait for Jesus to return.

Confidence works supernatural wonders and this is the reason why Abraham become a friend of God; he had unwavering confidence. In the end, he was able to enter the Promised Land by simply believing in the promises of God. In the same way we need to have complete confidence in Jesus Christ, live right and wait for him patiently when he comes to take us back home.

Living right with God is the key to entering heaven and avoiding sinful acts without compromising is paramount. The bible is the highway to heaven and it has all the teachings we need to know about entering heaven; it is our spiritual mirror. By considering the above points, you will prepare adequately for the coming of Jesus.

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