Unique Save The Dates Items

Unique Save The Dates Items

Once the date of your wedding has been set, what is left is sending invitation to friends. You need to be tactful because friends are not idle waiting for your invitation. They have other events and invitations to honor. You therefore need unique save the dates items that will capture their imagination and keep the dates on their minds. It is also a way of personalizing the invitation such that it has more impact.

Prepare a card that is uniquely shaped. Distinct shapes are memorable and leave a lasting impression in the minds of those receiving the cards. The most common shape is rectangular. This is mundane and can be substituted with diamond, circle, hexagon, etc. This invitation may be enhanced by providing a hanging thread, hook, standing platform, etc. Such unique features make your invitation outstanding among the many received.

Include a caricature on your card. Use a real picture to draw the couple in an inimitable mood. It makes your invitation different and memorable. You may add an ornament like a flower or let the couple engage in a dance. Use the theme of your wedding in the background and include words that are in line with your images. Do not stuff the drawing with a lot of unnecessary images that it appears like a joke.

A photograph poster also works perfectly. Identify a vintage look like black and white with images that match your desired style for the day. Use classic images of a bride and groom on their joyous day. Such a style is distinct from the mundane style of plain words and clip arts. The photo should be well embossed on the card to form part of the ensemble and be meaningful.

Use a detachable sticker on your card. It is common for people in offices to use stickers as reminders. They are pasted on desks, boards, computer screens, etc. When producing your card, provide a sticker that the person can pluck and stick at a conspicuous place to always remember the day. The sticker should include details like date and venue of the big celebrations.

There is magic in art. Cards are common and are usually discarded after the wedding or easily forgotten before. However, artistic objects like embossed cups, bracelets, flags, sculptures, etc will remain in the memory of invited guests. It is impossible for a person to discard a flag or cup even after the wedding is over. Such objects remain with your guests and will come in handy when you are having your anniversary.

Consider your friends who speak a different language. Consider writing the message in different languages. It accommodates all your friends, especially those from different nationalities, and is also stylish. By accommodating their language, you give the invitation a personalized feel. When the messages are printed on a single card, it saves money.

We are in the technology era. Many of your friends are on social media and are accessible over the phone. You know their accounts and handles better than their physical address. Sending them a recorded audio or video will be easier and still effective. They can replay the invitation over and over while others use it as the ringing tone on their phones. It will enable you to reach more people faster and using little resources.

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