Things To Learn From David Irwin

Things To Learn From David Irwin

David J. Irwin will go down the books of history for being one of the highly regarded and popular figures in the engineering sector. He is a distinguished educator in electronics, and has also authored many books related to electronics and in general, engineering. He has also held several leadership positions in engineering. All his life, David Irwin has ventured majored in all things engineering.

Currently, Irwin is Earle Williams Scholars. Formerly, he headed the department of Electrical Computers Engineering Dept. ECE, at Auburn College. He has long served as the head of ECE globally. It should be noted that he was appointed in 1973 as the lead of the then Electrical Engineering, at Auburn College. In addition, he had been the president of prestigious ECE honors Society popularly known as Eta Kappa Nu. He was also the chief president of USA Electrical Engineers Association. On top of that, he was president of two technical societies of IEEE, on Education alongside Industrial Electronics.

Irwin was awarded a B. E. E Bachelor degree at Auburn University in 1961. He further pledged on, and earned himself a Master degree from Tennessee University in 1962, and later a PhD degree in 1967, from the same institution, Tennessee University in Knoxville. In 1969, Irwin joined the coveted Auburn University, but as a Deputy Professor in Electrical Engineering. Today, David is the Head of ECE in Auburn, as is Earle Williams Eminent Scholar.

Irwin catapulted in his career, and even became a Fellow of various institutions such as IEEE, for contributing immensely to industrial electrics, controls instrumentation, besides engineering education, as well as the Americans Society of Engineering Education, ASEE.

Professor David additionally got the Achievements Award in 1991, by the IEEE Educations Society. Auburn University also recognized him, by awarding him with the Auburn University Distinguished Auburn Engineer Award, in 1992. In 2004, he also received the Honorary Professors Medal, from the Institute of Semi-conductors, Chinese Science Academy. The most significant award in his prosperous lifetime is the Presidential Award and Recognition for Excellence, in 2007. This clearly marked the helm of his career, and proved that he was on top of his game.

He is massively known in ECE as well as Engineering education fraternity, for his inspirational undergraduate varsity level books in areas like electrical engineering and other related fields. Of notable significance, are books such as Electrical Circuit Analysis, and also Introductions to Electricals Engineering. These two books, among his many others, are hugely used in myriad engineering schools and colleges across the world.

His authorship prowess is also noteworthy. He has written many groundbreaking books in engineering, and this has extended his popularity in not only the ECE, but the engineering communities in general. Examples of significant books he has ever penned include Basics Engineering Circuit Analyses, Essentials of Electrics and Computer Engineering, among others.

Not only has Irwin concentrated his life on molding his engineering career, but has also engaged in a host of entrepreneurial activities. He has been associated with arrays of start-up companies, for example Aunigma Solutions. The company is a large Information Technology company that is based in Atlanta in Georgia. It addresses modern Internets Protocol networks, and its products are usually grounded on Intellectuals Property IP made at ECE Departments, in Auburn University.

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