The Black History Month Activities Missouri Celebrates

The Black History Month Activities Missouri Celebrates

Black history month is a yearly observance that takes place in the United States, the UK and Canada. It is celebrated during February in Canada and the United States and in October in the UK. The month centres on important people and events that have happened that shape the history of the people that are of African descent in these countries. There is a vast array of black history month activities Missouri residents take interest in.

During this period the events are widespread and exciting in this state. Without African Americans Missouri would not be the state it is today. They have been heavily influential on many different facets of life here.

There are activities held at the state museum, these activities include lectures from a descendant of a black soldier. This soldier was one of a platoon of urban soldiers that fought the first conflict that African American soldiers were involved in during the American civil war. The museum also holds artifacts from that time that visitors can observe to fully appreciate what it was like during that time period.

A cultural centre will be holding an exhibit that is of an interactive nature. These exhibits are photographs and letters that chronologically detail important unions of workers that fought for African American workers rights. Workers that were part of a union were the backbone of many workforces, and this exhibit shows the urban American influence in this part of the country\’s background.

The state parks are also involved with the urban background period. They are offering guided walking tours. The influence of African Americans in this sates parks is large. There was a solely African company that built much of the architecture that is in the parks and the guides will be stopping at these sites and revealing their histories. These tours give valuable information on how African Americans helped shaped the states parks.

There will also be activities that take place at all the historical sites that pertain to black history throughout the state. The sites vary in meaning, some telling the story of slavery in the state, or the history of a predominantly urban area in the state.

The celebration of urban identity has been around for a long time, since 1926 in fact. In its first form it was only a week celebrating black history. However the year 1969 was the year black scholars made the motion to make it a month. This motion was only recognized by the US government in 1976, with Canada and the UK taking even longer than that. Their governments only officially recognized the month in 1987 for the UK and 1995 for Canada.

Having a month to focus on urban heritage is important and a good thing to celebrate. However more importantly is the notion of integrating urban achievements more into the global culture. Education, the media, art and literature are important aspects that need to be thought on in order to achieve the goal of integration. For it fine to remember the past and to learn from it, but one also must look to the future and how it is shaped by the actions of the present. In order for this future to be satisfactory actions must be taken every day to be more inclusive of all people from all walks of life.

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