All You Should Know About Bail Bonds Raleigh NC Firm Has For Clients

All You Should Know About Bail Bonds Raleigh NC Firm Has For Clients

If you or your friend has been arrested, you can find that the situation is not only dramatic but also tedious. It is a situation that needs patients, as well as legal and financial actions. When someone has been arrested, they start wondering how their status with the Bail Bonds Raleigh NC firm has for clients will be. The information below will help you clarify any question that you might be having.

The initial thing that comes to peoples mind is the cost of the surety. However, this is something that varies depending on the state that you are from and the charge of your arrest. Note that the amount that one gets for surety will be around 10-15% of the original price. The percentage of the bond that you will get depends on the State Law and thus the reason that it differs from one state to the next.

When the issue of the bond is sorted, the next concern will be the period the person has to spend in jail. The period will also vary from person to person depending on whether it is the first time offender or there are records of subsequent crimes. If by any chance you get arrested while you are on another charge, then you might be held until the time the first offense is determined without surety. No such rulings are constant, they differ from individuals, extend of offense and from one case to another.

Put in mind that alcohol charges do not permit surety until 8 hours have passed since the arrest. That is because for a person to be processed, they have to be sober, so if after 8 hours you are not sober, then surety will not be permitted. Payment cannot be processed if someone is not in his or her right mind and being drunk is not being in the right state of mind.

In case the charges are resistant to jail or battering, then the judge may deny you bond and insist on you waiting until the next date of hearing. There is no specific time when the proceedings are supposed to take place as it will depend on the schedule and how busy the courts are. So the next court date can vary from next day up to even a month.

When you are detained, do not worry too much because in jail you are allowed to make as many calls as you want as long as you do not tie the line. So you can call someone to help post bail if you know their phone number. Bear in mind that the only phone that is available in prison is the pay phone.

Most people also wonder if there is a particular person that can be able to surety them out. If you have been arrested a family member, friend, or a bail bond company can be able to post bail for you. However, the person that you hire needs to be 18 years and older, have a valid identification to be able to surety you out.

Discussed in the article are some of the points that you need to know about bail bonds. If you are not sure about the situation, you should ask your lawyer to enlighten you so that you can be able to make informative decisions.

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