It Is Great To Stop Bullying

It Is Great To Stop Bullying

Unfortunately young people witness so much tragedy and destruction while they are attending school or any other public place. The people in charge of law and order will never really find a way to stop bullying even though this is a crime which has major consequences. Some children are constantly living in fear that they will get picked on while trying to get a good education at school.

Many people living in Chicago have all heard about the woman who made a change in her life when her dear young son committed suicide. He was a person who was always looking for attention in the wrong places and could not pick good individuals to become his friend. Unfortunately most of his peers brought him sadness and misery and eventually he decided to end everything. His mother had the neighbors to comfort her during her time of sorrow.

Unfortunately if he had been part of a support group or any other social function this event would never have happened. The students at his school did not even mention his name after this tragedy happened. Life went on as usual for these younger males and females since they do not really care about a person\’s feelings.

Fortunately the boy\’s mom was able to turn this tragedy into a unique triumph for all of the children who were being taunted and tortured by their peers. Whenever she had the opportunity this proud mother would travel across the globe to meet and greet parents and students who often live this nightmare. The teachers at every location would welcome her with open arms and some of them even joined her on the tour.

One educator made the great decision to stop a thug who was currently enrolled in her classroom. She had her law enforcement husband set up a cage within the classroom and made the boy sit in it for a period of time. This made a big difference in his life and he could see that the other children were less afraid while he was locked away.

After being released from the cage the boy adopted a different attitude and he tried his best to become friends with the least popular student within the classroom. The cage had a psychological effect on him and this was really wonderful. It is always important to let these individuals know that their actions will cause them to lose their freedom.

On the other side of the coin society is now seeing females act in a very peculiar fashion at different times. Unfortunately human beings are seeing young women treat other girls like dirt inside and outside of the school. The people within the film business call them mean girls.

Some girls have even bullied male students and this is very strange to witness. A wild bunch of females had the nerve to torture a sad young girl who was on her way home from the store. Luckily the police were there to take them away to a nice uncomfortable jail cell. Once they were released these young women decided to change their hateful behavior.

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