Guide To Disabled Veterans Assistance

Guide To Disabled Veterans Assistance

Soldiers dread returning home after a tour. The soldiers face an uphill challenge that makes the war they were fighting look like childs play. Settling back and reverting to be an average civilian is among the hardest aspects facing veterans. There are reported instances whereby some veterans resorted to committing suicide. Here are some pretty neat ways to give disabled veterans assistance and help.

Severe injuries exacerbate the problems of the returning soldiers ten-fold. For the unfortunate lot among the soldiers who suffered injuries resulting in loss of an arm, life becomes a hellish nightmare. Without essential limbs, the soldiers lack the confidence and the courage to live as healthy individuals. Some soldiers have even ended up splitting with their loved ones after coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans regularly require all sorts of help and assistance to get their lives back to the way they used to be. They need financial support and even psychological help.

Some soldiers will come home without an injury, but they will be heavily traumatized. Soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome are not only a danger to themselves but a grave threat to the larger society too.

Some veterans do not even have a decent and proper housing to put up in. How can they be able to afford a house when they have zero income to enable them to pay their rents? The only way out for them becomes putting up on the cold streets, under bridges, and on the subways.

Some homeless veterans are picked up by good Samaritans and well-wishers who put them up in an orphanage of sorts. These temporary shelters are only able to provide them with scanty resources which are barely enough and sufficient to keep them happy and comfortable. It is not fair how our servicemen go to extreme lengths to keep our country safe from all manner of harm and danger yet the nation repays them with neglect.

The government has tried to come up with a workable solution for this menace of a problem ailing America. They have attempted to pass bills and legislation that aim to protect and safeguard the interests and welfare of the returning veterans. The efforts of the governments have so far yielded little fruits. The VA bill is yet to make any meaningful impact on the lives of the thousands of destitute and abandoned soldiers.

As civilians here are some of the avenues we can utilize to lend a helping hand to the veterans. They include: Gifting them with our frequent flyer miles, making and sending them gifts and presents and by giving them the clothes we do not use.

Homeowners are always being requested to be as kind as to give housing to the veterans. The government has a plan whereby they cut the tax payable by the landlords as a show of gratitude for their role in assisting the veterans with cheap housing. Perhaps, the best way we can express our undying gratitude to the soldiers is by saying thank you.

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