Getting More Information About IAS Exam

Getting More Information About IAS Exam

One of the toughest exams that you can think of in India is the IAS or the Indian Administrative Service Examination, which is very challenging for the individuals appearing it. The IAS exam is considered to be the most difficult exam that one can concern, according to a research made on the several Civil Service examinations. It is as difficult as the French Civil Service exam.

However, it is not impossible to pass the exam for an individual. People willing to become a member of the most reputed Indian Civil Services; have to pass the IAS exams in order to get recruited. Among the esteemed ICS services the IAS services is the most vaunted service. There are other services that you can get through the IAS is the IPS, IRS, IRTS, IRPS and so on.

There are certain qualities that the officers look for the candidates during the selection process. As because they are strict the success rate for the exams is very low. There are a lot of individuals appearing for the exam every year in order to become a civil service officer, but only a few of them make it.

A person has to be qualified in order to appear for the Civil Service examination, as because only a graduate from a college or university which is recognized by the UGC can appear for the examination. The minimum age after which one can appear for the exam is 21 years and the maximum age is about 30 years.

Then the candidates are moved to the second level of the IAS exam which is otherwise known as the Mains Exam, this paper consists of 2000 marks in total. What you need to understand the scores that you have obtained in the preliminaries won’t have any affect in the Mains. The paper just helps the individuals to qualify to the next round.

If you consult with a senior and a qualified candidate, you will get to know more about the civil service examinations. You can through the testimonials and previous exam questions papers in order to develop the right concept. If you think that completing the entire syllabus is going to help you with the exam, then for your information there is no expectations to UPSC for the outcome. It is up to the candidate to analyse its strengths and then work accordingly to gets its success, not just start preparing everything.

The second phase of the exam is the Mains Examination, which only the people passing the Preliminary exams are allowed to sit for. It is important for an individual to pass the prelims to sit for the Civil Service Mains examinations. What you need to remember is that the prelims are just for qualifying and the scores that you have obtained in the preliminary will not be included in the Mains.

The final stage of the Civil Service Examination is the Interview stage. People passing the mains examination are then taken for the Interview stage. This interview for the Indian Administrative Service is held by the Union Public Service Commission which is held at Shahjahan, New Delhi. The interview is held in the last week of March after the results for the prelims are announced. Only after you pass the interview you are commissioned for IAS services.

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