Get To Discover More About Cyberbullying

Get To Discover More About Cyberbullying

The act of harassing one via information technology networks in a continuous and intended manner is known as cyber bullying. Technology has given nearly everything a new shape including bullying which has taken the top notch when spiced up by the use of electronic communication. The old days are long gone when bullying was done at school face to face and the present new world is here to stay where cyberbullying is the new thing.

Both cyber and real bullying has demerits that affect nearly everyone in the society from students, parents and teachers. Information technology has made a big stride in developments and many teens are using it to play games online, sending text messages, sharing photos and videos. Gadgets which include smart phones and laptops are used by these teens to make sure they have a glimpse of the online gossips and to keep in touch with friends using the popular social network known as Facebook.

One of the consequences that are brought about by online harassment is depression and which has serious effects to ones life. People with depression are lonely in most cases and live with sorrow since they go through emotional distress hence being harmful to the people around them. When teens do recall the harassment they go through in the social networks they do feel embarrassed hence constant talks with parents can help heal the distress.

Anger is another consequence that crops up as a result of online harassment. When anger reaches the volcanic pitch it forces one to do disastrous acts which can harm people around them. These people includes the teachers, parents and fellow students who are within the environment they become bitter when the harassing words ring into their minds hence end up doing stupid things that can harm human nature.

There are numerous cases of suicidal attempts and many of the people that do attempt suicide are the teens. Many are the times when they are harassed online and they do not open up to any one therefore loosing the real meaning of life and conclude suicide is the only way out. When they are open and pour the feelings to parents and teachers they can be counseled on better ways of solving the trauma.

The act do happen accidentally when one persons joke can be another ones hurtful insult. One mans meat is another mans poison so goes the adage; hence, not everyone can enjoy the messages sent through social media and other memes. The recipients who receive these messages do not take them kindly at all hence one should be careful when sending unknown people messages.

This crime can make one lead a jail term. It is therefore advisable not to keep sending messages to strangers online since they can lead one into trouble. Messages should only be sent to close friends and relatives.

Teens are advised to keep in touch with their parents and speak up what is bothering them. This does help in to solve issues of online harassments and they are able to get the required advice. Let us keep in mind that a problem shared is a problem solved.

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