Enjoy A Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour

Enjoy A Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour

People who are interested in both history and the paranormal will love visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Located in Tidewater Virginia, this restored 18th century town is endlessly fascinating. It\’s fun to see it during the day, when costumed staff recreate village life in all its facets: domestic, civic, and commercial. After dark, it\’s spooky as well. A Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour is fun for the whole family, although they\’re not for very young children.

Williamsburg was the 18th century capital of the colony. After expert restoration and replication (not all the original buildings survived for 200 years), this 175-acre living museum is the largest outdoor history lesson in America. There are 160 buildings, and staff carry on with life as it was in the 1700s. This is a great place to visit, and as it\’s open 365 days (and nights) a year, it should be easy to find the right time to go.

The town is home to the College of William and Mary, which was founded in 1695 and thus predates the town. The ghostly tours cover both the original village and the campus. Some are all outdoors, in streets and the graveyards, while other also take you into historic buildings. Your guide will tell you about events that took place at each important site, as well as what has been seen, heard, or felt there.

A tour takes about an hour, although you can join an \’extended one\’ if you want to hear it all. Tickets can be bought online, $13 a person of any age (not recommended for very young children who might be left with nightmares). It\’s necessary to have a reservation, but it\’s easy to sign up online. The tours go off rain or shine; good walking shoes and appropriate gear for the weather are a must. A lot of the spiel is history, but the words \’chilling\’ and \’spooky\’ are used over and over in the reviews, so prepare to be spooked.

Participants of the tours can carry scientific meters that are used to detect paranormal activity. The old wall around the church graveyard seems to be an active place. This early village was home to many dramatic events and has had centuries to collect its host of specters and shades.

There have been many sightings over the centuries: matrons in flowing garments, soldiers in uniform, children dead of illness or accident before their time, tragic suicides, gristly deaths in war, and gallows scenes involving pirates. People hear lots and lots of footsteps. One lady still visits her bathroom and takes a bath, although those who hear her don\’t see her (a modest ghost).

You won\’t be able to join a tour without reservations. You can find all the details, meeting times (7 or 11 PM), and gathering places online, with maps of routes you\’ll take. There is also information about parking, which can be scarce at season\’s height. However, lot parking is only $1 an hour. These tours regularly win awards, being listed in the Top Ten of Ghost tours or even among top sightseeing tours of any kind.

The Williamsburg ghosts have had centuries to congregate and seem to enjoy revealing themselves to residents and visitors. Go online for all the details you\’ll need to plan an otherworldly excursion.

For a factual Colonial Williamsburg ghost tour, make sure you buy your tickets online. To find out more, visit the related website now at http://colonialghosts.com.

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