Contributions Of Nellie Bly To The Society

Contributions Of Nellie Bly To The Society

There are a number of people whose particular talents seem especially suited to their era. One particular person is known as Nellie Bly. She was a nineteenth century newspaper reporter whose works played a vital role in changing public policies. Even though she received little formal education, this did not hinder her from having a precocious career.

The first task that led to her being hired by a newspaper included writing an article. The article prompted the editor of the magazine to locate and hire her. Bly took this chance to develop professionally. Her concern was mainly to go out of her way and report on topics such as fashion, entertainment, politics and others.

This time went by, she left for Mexico. During her stay in the country, she also did reports which touched on corruption and dilapidated states of living the poor people were subjected to. This took around six months. Eventually, she returned to United States and got another job. This time round, she worked in a New York based company, where she was presented with daunting assignments for example, being committed to a lunatic asylum. During her stay, she got more insights in to the living conditions of the mentally ill people.

Being a good journalist that she was, her reports concerning the asylum prompted reactions from the jury. An investigation was launched and it was discovered that the institution needed financial assistance to improve living conditions. Majorly, professionals were taken aback by her efforts to foolishly dupe them that she was indeed mentally ill. In this regard, future examinations before admission to the institution were done thoroughly in order not to repeat the same mistake again.

Later on, she set off around the world, a journey that would take seventy two days. During this time, she visited a number of continents. Her writings got continental reportage and were delivered through efficient submarine networks and electric telegraphs. On her return, she was received with ten celebratory gunshots. This was carried out in two different parks in the city of New York.

Bly then got married to a wealthy steel manufacturing company owner. The main operations of the company included manufacture of steel products such as boilers, milk cans and so on. Unfortunately, he died after nine years. Bly remained the ultimate decision maker in the company. Luckily for her, she was also able to make innovations which changed the lives of people in the locale. Funds embezzlement however bought down the company to its knees, thus forcing her to delve back into reporting.

Misfortunes arose later when she reached the age of fifty seven as a pneumonia attack led to her demise. Many were devastated therefore leading to the rise of dramatic representations which were specifically to honor her memory. Books and films came up in order to fulfill this purpose. Additionally, the amusement park located in Brooklyn was at one point named after Bly.

Young female journalists should therefore take this challenge and take o huge tasks in the industry. This can be facilitated by forming a rich network. Peers and industry experts should come in play here. By so doing, you will be guaranteed of a fulfilling career towards greater depths just like that of Bly.

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