Contributions Of African American Women In History

Contributions Of African American Women In History

During the early twenty century and the nineteenth century the black people in America we being viewed as less human. This led to them being denied civil and human rights, it was important for the black people to stand up for themselves and prove they were as well important and capable. Among those who stood up are women hence we celebrate the African American women in history. They became great in their professions and also gained social responsibilities .

In the bygone times of people who visited space we encounter a big name owned by a brave woman known as Mae . C. Jemison. She was the first African American woman in history to ever visit space.This was due to her excellent professional skills that satisfied many people.she was a qualified medical doctor, a surgeon as well as equipped with engineering training.Mae. C. Jemison flew on space shuttle endeavor STS-47 space lab- J.

Secondly is Goode Sarah S. She was a well developed business woman and also made great innovations. One of innovations which impacted many people positively was the small bed suitable for small apartments.her innovation skills also included a folding cabinet bed . This bed saved up physical space. It was used as a desk and stationery for writing. She owned a furniture store in Chicago.

The year 1936 February 21 up until January 1996 Barbara Jordan lived another worthy life to be celebrated.she emerged as a great inspiration when she became the first black US congress woman from deep south.Barbara served Texas in the US house of representatives.was also keen on advocating for the rights of the poor people of that time.

In this article we also cover another woman by the name Truth sojourner, existed in early years 1797-1883 was a religious person who fought for moral uprightness when she served as a preacher of the gospel.Her good heart saw her lead the war against slavery having being born as a slave in New York. Sojourner also enabled the need for the government and other persons to promote civil rights and human rights appreciation.she worked as a counselor for national freedom relief association.During the US civil war her leadership in society helped black union soldiers acquire supplies.

We note another incredible lady by the name Rosa Parks who died in October 24 year 2005.she was once mistreated by being asked to leave office to be replaced by a white man which she did not obey.this led to her being fined.Her courageous acts made her supporters strike to overrule that ruling.Her life time saw her defend civil rights.

Another great woman witnessed was Rosa parks (February 4 . 1913 -Oct 24 2005 .)she was a brave woman evident in her life time when she was once asked to leave her seat for a white man which she did not agree.This led to her being fined due to her brave act.Rosa parka great qualities also included fighting for civil rights for all.

From the above mentioned women in history we view great leaders, hardworking women and good hearted person who chose to impact the universe with excellent service.this means that all persons white or black have similar potential that can only be realized and triggered by it however a responsibility for all leaders to enable human rights as evident above.

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