Without ECigarettes Indianapolis Smokers Often Struggle To Quit

Without ECigarettes Indianapolis Smokers Often Struggle To Quit

The past few decades have seen a dramatic change in legislation governing the use and sale of tobacco products. Smokers may no longer smoke wherever the wish and the sale and marketing of tobacco products are strictly regulated. Massive educational campaigns have also made more people aware of the dangers of smoking tobacco and the harmful effects they have on non smokers in the vicinity. Now, with eCigarettes Indianapolis smokers can eliminate the harmful effects of their habits on those around them.

The first electronic cigarettes were developed in China and they have been on the market since 2004. Since their first appearance they have been immensely popular and sales very soon soared to millions of units all over the world. Manufacturers say that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to tobacco products. Most devices looks like real cigarettes but they are available in various shapes, even resembling pipes and cigars.

Electronic cigarettes all work in basically the same way. It contains a heating unit, a cartridge that contains nicotine, flavouring agents and other chemicals and a battery. When the user sucks on the device he inhales the chemicals contained in the cartridge and vapour is released, mimicking the smoke of a real cigarette. In most cases the device even glows at the tip, just like its tobacco equivalent.

Surveys have shown that most of the people that buy electronic cigarettes do so as part of their efforts to quit smoking. They argue that these devices are less harmful to their health whilst still satisfying their craving for nicotine. Many smokers are of the opinion that it is the tar a d other chemicals in tobacco products that causes health problems, not the nicotine. Many people also opt for electronic cigarettes because they are more acceptable in society as a whole.

Despite the fact that electronic cigarettes do not emit smoke they have come under fire and fierce criticism from various sources. Health experts argue that these devices still provide users with doses of nicotine, a dangerous and habit forming substance. Nicotine is not only addictive, but can lead to a very wide variety of health problems. Many experts therefore question the claim that these devices are safer and healthier than ordinary cigarettes.

Other critics blame electronic cigarettes for the dramatic increase in nicotine addiction among children and young people. They say that this target group use electronic cigarettes because they believe the marketing material that describes them as clean, safe and socially acceptable. They argue that these new nicotine addicts would not have started using tobacco products instead of electronic cigarettes. In addition, the sale of these devices is not subject to legislation a d age restrictions.

Despite fierce criticism, electronic cigarettes do offer some benefits over ordinary tobacco products. There is no secondary smoke that can cause harm to innocent bystanders. It is also accepted that the harmful chemicals contained in electronic cigarettes are but a fraction of those contained in a normal cigarette. Supporters also point out that the use and sale of nicotine is not an offence.

All the indications say that electronic cigarettes are here to stay. Sales keep soaring and new models are introduced regularly. Some experts reckon that the sale of these devices will outstrip the sale of tobacco products within the next decade or so.

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