When To Start Horse Riding Lessons Okotoks For Children

When To Start Horse Riding Lessons Okotoks For Children

It is not odd to see children and young people who grow around horses wanting to learn how to ride. Some of the children may be very young therefore parents look for advice on when to start horse riding lessons okotoks.

Things to consider before taking a child to a riding school include age and maturity level. Though most experts consider age seven to be appropriate to start lessons, it is the parents who best know the child. Some children are very active with low concentration level and therefore sitting on them for five minutes is not possible. The child should be able to handle such a large animal as the horse.

It is also important to consider the physical stature of the child, for practicality reasons. Some children even at age seven are relatively short and it would be therefore difficult for them to mount and dismount from the horse or sit comfortably on the saddle.

These schools are strict on the safety of riders. There are mandatory safety gears that one should have before starting any lessons. They include boots, hat, and general clothing. Some people use trainers instead of their boots for the first lessons, which is okay but not the best option. Children loose interests very quickly so it is wise not to buy the boots first and establish if the child is really interested in this exercise.

A protective hat is the one major thing that should not be compromised. A fall from a horse can be fatal and especially if one is not wearing a hat. Its wise to buy ones own hat while starting to ride. In cases where one is not able to buy, riding schools have hats to loan out.

Where a rider is not able to buy a hat, the schools have hats ready for hire. Its necessary to check that the hat has never been involved in a collision or accident as it may have faults and therefore not protect you properly. Exchanging it for another one is wiser than regretting later when an accident happens.

Due to the physical nature of this exercise, riders are advised to wear comfortable clothing. Jeans are heavy and stiff hence uncomfortable especially when wet after sweating. Shorts on the other hand will lead to chaffing as legs rub on the horse. The top should be comfortable enough to allow arm movement but not too loose to avoid being tangled on the reins.

Rules and regulations are therefore there to ensure safety of the rider. Its very easy to have a fatal fall from a horse that can leave one disabled for life. For beginners especially, it is very important that they strictly follow these requirements. When one becomes an advanced rider then regulations on dressing are a bit relaxed but still safe. Trainers and schools are also covered by these rules in cases of accidents leading to lawsuits. When all the necessary conditions and requirements have been achieved then the parents can enlist their children in that first riding lesson.

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