To See The Harpeth River Nashville Should Be Prioritized

To See The Harpeth River Nashville Should Be Prioritized

Harpeth river is among the key water bodies within the middle Tennessee, US. It is one of the tributaries that form the Cumberland stream. It forms the watershed of Mississippi river when it combines with Ohio and Cumberland rivers. The length of this water body is approximated to be about 185 kilometers. To find the best position for viewing the Harpeth River Nashville is one of the places one should give priority when conducting a search.

This stream rises from the Rutherford County to the westernmost part in Tennessee. It is located to the east of a local community called College Grove in the eastern part of the Williamson County. The upper section of this stream has suffered contamination from a firm that was located near it. The firm used to recycle used automobile batteries and was in operation from 1950s to 1990s.

In Williamson County, this stream assumes a westerly flow into Franklin, which is the county seat. Most portable water people drink in Williamson come from Harpeth. It is also a major sewage disposal site. The stream then crosses into Davidson County before reaching Cheatham County with a meandering course. There are several tributaries originating from and draining into Harpeth, including West, South, and Little Harpeth.

The stream is one of the freshwater rivers located in the US. It boasts of a wide variety of aquatic life that encompasses of several rare and endangered species of fish, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and mollusks. It is also home to several bigger animals such as the white-tail deer, American beaver, grey blue heron, and river otter.

This water mass is home to many fish strains. It has been recorded that more than 85 specimens of fish can be found in the water. Among the most commonly found species is the stripped shiner. They are well distributed along the whole length. They prefer places with clean gravel, sandy bottoms, and clear water. Mostly they eat insects that patch over the surface of the water.

The banks of the waters are usually characterized by turtles basking on the sun in the evenings and mornings. They enjoy the warm rays of the rising or setting sun. The turtles come in a wide range of species to form a scenic site for tourists. However, these turtles get killed in large numbers every year, which makes them an endangered species. They have reduced in numbers significantly over the years.

The riparian areas along the course of the water have several specimens of snake. Riparian areas form good grounds for denning and hunting. They are regions where other habitats are joined to that of the stream. Some of the major snake species that can be found along this stream are eastern black kingsnake, northern watersnake, grey ratsnake, cottonmouth, and rough greensnake.

The stream can be navigated using canoes, kayaks, and boats. There are companies along the course that rent various water vessels to tourists. One can also bring their own boat if they like. There are no sections of the stream that are suitable for swimming, hence one should be aware.

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