Tips On How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

Tips On How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

Keeping your clothes clean and dry is better since you will enjoy when you ware them and look presentable. However, there are different ways of washing different types of wears. The greatest thing that disturbs most of peoples mind is the question on how do I clean my wetsuit. This is because there is only one way to making it neat and ready for the next dive.

This process starts immediately you get out of water when taking off. This should be done with a lot of care and caution since it can be damaged if the right ways are neglected. The zip is the most of the things which are taken care off after the swim since even if replaceable, there is no time it will be as better as the one you bought it with.

Cleaning process is a simple one but most of people take it for granted making them to damage their suits every time they get out of water. Washing should be done on sides, the inner and the outer sides so you will remove the stains and salty moisture on the textile. Use clean water for cleaning and make sure you rinse it completely.

Flipping the cloth to clean on both sides is mandatory hence there will be salt moisture to be left. When the cloth dries with it inside, it corrodes and destroys the costume making it light since the fiber used are affected by the salt acid. Therefore take care when making this step and do not ignore it if you like to use your suit for a long time.

Do not ignore this process just because you had washed it last time you were diving. If ignored, your jacket will not last for a long time without getting torn and when wearing it during the second time it will smell bad. Make sure you pour warm water on yourself before putting the suit off.

The other step is when you are done and satisfied that the outer part is clean, you should wash the other side thoroughly same as you did on the outer side. This will help removal of salt moisture on the inner part. The hanging should also be done wisely to prevent stretching and damage.

Detergents used in the activity should also be the ones which are recommended for the task since they are capable of retaining the odor. They are also good conservatives which are used to make your cloth last for long by strengthening the fiber used in the making of the material.

To prevent the suit from smelling from pee, you should take coffee before you dive in the water so that you will be able to reduce the odor. The other way to make the costume retain the pee smell in it is by using Mirazyme to wash which is a scented detergent in order for you to be comfortable when moving out of the water with the waste inside the costume.

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