Tips On How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

Tips On How Do I Clean My Wetsuit

These are garments used for various uses ranging from sporting to deep sea diving. They are made of neoprene which is a component which gives it its flexibility. They can be used in the sporting field. They are made in such a way that they provide both thermal insulation and buoyancy to the wearer. They can be of different types and due to this; we have different of them being used for different purposes. Their properties do make them require some special treatment in the way to clean them hence on how do i clean my wetsuit one should adhere to the following steps and guidelines.

Rinsing of the garment is the first thing to be done when one has finished the diving of the day. The rinsing must be done using fresh water immediately without long delay. In case there is a rinse tank mostly found where dive operators are, rinse it there. This will help neoprene used in making them not to lose their flexibility thus retain its flexibility for long. Those that are not rinsed get bad smell thence to ensure it remains smell friendly, it must be rinsed.

It should be cleaned thoroughly thus at this stage one should immerse it in warm water. It can be left in the water for sometime of at least fifteen minutes. After the time has elapsed, one should remove it. In other cases, this can be an alternative method as one can opt to use wetsuit shampoo or baby shampoo in the whole process.

This kind of garment has very important dos and dons which if not followed will destroy it completely thus these the must be considered. It is supposed to be hanged on a special wetsuit hanger or plastic hanger. Thin wires hangers are not the best to be used in such a state when the recommended ones are not available. They will lead to quality degradation.

The garment is not supposed to even be sun dried. The best place for it to dry is under a shade. After drying it, the garment is then taken for storage.

If one is thorn, it should be sewn early enough to avoid further damage. This is done at the inspection stage which requires one to clearly observe the garment and do any minor rectifications where necessary. It is after drying. Early sewing will ensure that it remains in the right condition for a longer period of time.

The lifespan of a garment can depend on the method of storage. Proper storage is very essential for longer lifespan of it. This kind of garment is to be hanged or laid flat. One is not supposed to fold it or store it in a drawer for this will reduce the insulation property of it. It is good to store this garment as needed to ensure it stays durable for long.

Wetsuits are a very special kind of garments which tend to require special treatment. As explained earlier on, they ought to be used and handled in such a way that they still will be used the following seasons. They are not very cheap as compared to other garments hence to maintain them should be a thought to be given priority. Proper washing and maintenance will ensure they retain the good smell and a good quality.

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