Summary Of Liverpool Football Club Latest News

Summary Of Liverpool Football Club Latest News

Jurgen Klopp has turned the tides for Liverpool at Anfield. He has brought back the beautiful game and hunger for trophies that Anfield was known for. If Liverpool football club latest news is anything to go by, the future looks brighter. The arrival of top European players only means that the best is yet to come. World sporting media is a wash with impressive stories about the club.

April 10th witnessed a visit by Stoke City in an EPL match. The performance was impressive with a four-one demolition of Stoke City. Origi Divock continued with his exploits in front of the goal netting two impressive ones. The team has gathered an impressive 48 points after thirty one games which leaves them at position eight. The team is in a good position to compete for Champion League and other competitions.

The manager is intent on boosting his squad despite the impressive performance. Some top players expected at Anfield include Christian Pulisic who is coming from Borussia Dortmund. He is the youngest player in the history of US football team to appear in a world cup qualifier. He has played for the U17 and U19 with an impressive performance.

Klopp seems uncertain about the work of his goal keeper Simon Mignolet. He thus has eyes on Rico Sergio who players for neighbors Everton on loan from Sevilla. Sevilla has priced the stopper at 15 million pounds and Jurgen is willing to pay. His aim is to bring competition and make the entire squad more impressive in the coming season.

The squad has suffered a major blow with injury to Henderson Jordan. He limped away during the game with Dortmund that ended in a one all draw. Statistics indicate that he has been impressive in all games he started enabling the team to win more than half of them. For the games he did not start, the club only won 33 percent. He is considered a worthy replacement to Gerald Steven.

Are we about to see the return of Mario Balotelli? Most likely, yes. This is according to AC Milan vice president Adriano Gilliani. He says that the player has been impressive but not enough to earn a permanent move. He has had trouble with injury and poor form that have seen his standings slip terribly. He has produced only three goals from seventeen appearances for Milan in all competitions.

After the win over Stoke, Klopp hailed the performance by Alberto Moreno as impressive. He was the first to score, a fete that allowed him to make his mark this season with his maiden goal. It also gave him confidence to skillfully distribute the ball enabling others to cement the impressive performance. He termed this as his best performance since joining the team.

Liverpool is making incredible strides towards the Europa League title having scored a crucial away goal against Borussia Dortmund. The season ending performance is also impressive and is promising a strong finish for the reds. The squad is playing beautiful football and showing competitiveness which is impressive according to the manager.

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