Learn How Ambler PA Kid Friendly Gym Provides Programs For Parent And Child

Learn How Ambler PA Kid Friendly Gym Provides Programs For Parent And Child

Until recently, there were not as many gymnastics classes offered for children under the age of three. It is now a popular way to introduce tots to the concept of exercise as fun. The parent is close by as the tot tries out new ways to move. Age-appropriate activities are jumping, climbing and swinging from a bar. The parent holds the child as he or she swings from a parallel bar. These classes introduce a fun way to exercise at the Ambler PA Kids Gym.

Each one will develop a positive attitude towards regular physical exercise. Climbing, hopping and swinging are some of the activities they will explore. With the parent close by they feel secure. Performing these exercises instills a sense of confidence.

Each class is constructed to be age appropriate. Safety is always a concern. Children learn to try out new things using safe equipment and rubber mats on the floor. No child is pushed further than he or she wants to go. Praise is used to motivate and criticism is not.

They prepare for kindergarten by learning to follow the instructors directions. Social skills come naturally as they see the other tots trying the same things they are trying. Mental development goes along with the development of their physical abilities.

The instructors are skilled in early childhood education as well as gymnastics. They talk about colors and numbers as the little ones practice their coordination skills. When a new skill is accomplished, praise will make the child feel good about him or herself.

It is a fact that children love to move. In these classes, they will explore new ways to move. They may be taught to roll down a padded incline or swing on a parallel bar with the parents help. These activities are good preparation for learning to tumble when they are older.

The tot is exposed to many new concepts and acquires new abilities in the small, semi-structured classes. He or she is encouraged to interact with the other children in class. The most important concept to be learned is that exercise is fun.

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