Interesting Things To Do In Amelia Island

Interesting Things To Do In Amelia Island

Amelia Island is located in Nassau County, Florida. It is one of the many islands stretching from South Carolina to Florida. There are very many interesting Fun things to do in Amelia Island while visiting while on this landmass. It will simply depend on the tastes and preferences of this person in question. For lovers of history, Fort Clinch State Park should be your next stop. While at this park, one can venture into fishing, swimming, viewing wildlife and sunbathing.

Being surrounded by water, this island has numerous beaches that one can visit. The Fernandina beach is arguably the best among these beaches. Located along the Northeast boundary, Fernandina is quite a marvel. The fact that it has clear, calm waters, various scrumptious restaurants and numerous species of wildlife makes this beach the ultimate destination for tourists. World class resorts, topnotch spas and impressive hotels are also quite copious along this beach. This place can never disappoint you.

This society is also rich in history. The calm and relaxed nature in which one will find this city can be quite misleading. It would not come to mind that at some point in time cannons roared at the same place. Countries fought to possess this isle because of its location. The location of this landmass makes it a tactical shipping stronghold. To get more of this history, visit District History and Museum of History.

Very many places offer a wonderful scenery for water tours. Being an isle, speedboat touring is the in thing. A person gets to go around the land mass on a speedboat. The landmass offers magnificent described sightseeing trips. These trips offer various other treats including viewing creatures such as wild horses, manatees, ospreys and dolphins among other amazing glees. This trip will leave you in a state of intrigue and wonder.

Paddle boarding has recently become increasingly popular in this place. The sport is especially popular among the strong and adventurous youth. The tidal creeks have still waters that make it easy to paddle and hence enjoyable. Paddlers also get to marvel that displays of both marine and land wild life. Safety measures are put in place to cater for any cases of accidents on water.

This place is also rich in culture and tour activities. Be part of Amelia musical playhouse, which is also the fastest evolving theatre stage. One will be treated to a wide variety of plays, extravaganzas and musical events. These activities will keep the person entertained at all times. A drive downtown to the Sanjon gallery will see you treated to artisan gifts and fine art displays.

You can decide to venture into nature tours. Professional guides who take people through amazing points on the isle organize these tours. One will be taken through very many exquisite sceneries in nature that will leave him or her awestruck. While some people choose to trek it out, there are also those that opt to use horses for this activity.

You can also always take your family to the pirate playground. This park offer a wonderful fun time, as it is filled with fun activities for children. The park is designed to cater for all people including the lame and disabled. Horseback rides also provide revelers with a thrilling experience. This is especially the Tennessee walking horses that with the capability to perform the original walk.

Here are top ten things to do in Amelia Island. To start your adventurous vacation now, visit the following website at

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