The Possibility Of World War 3 ISIS Happening

The Possibility Of World War 3 ISIS Happening

The prospect of global conflict is scaring considering the number of casualties of previous wars. Many wonder if there is even a simple chance of nation rising against nation, on a global scale. But, this has happened in the past but the big question is whether it can happen in future and if it will be world war 3 ISIS. Scholars are thinking about this day and night and presidents are getting worried about the fragile situation in the Middle East.

If world war 3 will take place, it will be the mother of all chaos, confusion and conflict. With the nuclear bombs, this might be the ultimate end. Humans have enough capacity to destroy themselves and they do not need the assistance of zombies or aliens. Theories aside, there is a real problem in the Middle East and it is hoped it will not spill outside this region because that will be something global.

ISIS is a real and living threat to the peace and stability in the Arab world and it is important for this region to have peace if global peace is to be achieved. In itself, it cannot cause global conflict but It is causing people to flee their countries to other nations. The collective consequence of terrorism related instability can be a catalyst to something unthinkable but the good news is that things can be stopped before they get worse.

Syria and Iraq are a hotbed of violence and ISIS has made inroads there. This is a militant and extremist organization that advocates medieval tactics such as beheading. They claim to want to create a global Islamic caliphate. That will take the overthrow of present institutions which is almost an impossible feat to accomplish. Still, many people want to know whether the rise of this organization can be the onset of the mother of all conflicts.

The fatal spill or rather the exportation and transmission of conflict is something that scholars worry about when they think about Islamic State. They might only be in a few countries presently but no one can now how far they can reach. Terrorists from as far as Nigeria and Somalia have already pleaded allegiance to them. This is a very dangerous precedent.

Islamic state is a guerilla organization. They fight never ending wars and easily mutate into worse forms. They attack innocent people when they do not expect. This organization is infiltrating failed states like Libya and this is worrying to global stability. They are very ambitions in expanding their territory and they need to be stopped before they radicalize more people.

The moment there is instability in many places; war mongers can take advantage of this to cause chaos. Therefore, to be on the safe side it looks reasonable for there to be a global coalition that fights this terrorist organization. This will guarantee future peace and stability. Peace is something achievable but only if leaders from different countries can dedicate their time, money and efforts towards fighting extremism and poverty that are the major causes of radicalism.

It is desirable to have global peace. It is good for people from different walks of life to live together in peace and harmony. World peace and stability are achievable but it will take the collective efforts of citizens and leaders. It is the good people who have to do something about preventing the next war because once the good people do nothing; the bad people do anything they want.

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