Darlington County And The Tony Chavis Campaign

Darlington County And The Tony Chavis Campaign

In the United States, there are national, regional and local elections. As such, it can often be beneficial for voters to know about different candidates and platforms. When it comes to Tony Chavis, the former SCHP patrol officer is hoping to become Sheriff of Darlington County.

As a retired trooper, having worked tirelessly for the SCHP from 1989 to 2016, Mr. Chavis continues to have a desire to enforce local law. As such, this former highway patrolman is now looking toward becoming Sheriff in the local county. However, to do so, the former patrolman is counting on local voters.

As a loving husband and father of five, discipline is nothing new in the Tony’s household. Being the son of the late James and Audrey Chavis, the former patrol office is well known to family, friends and community. While a dedicated family member, friend and neighbor, the candidate often worked extended hours when working for the highway patrol.

Graduating from Wallace High School, having played football for South Carolina State, gradated from the Academy and having continued coursework throughout life, Mr. Chavis is well educated. While this is the case, the candidate continues to learn about new and interesting technologies. The candidate believes incorporating these new technologies into the department will allow better results in cold case and other investigations, thus resulting in more arrests.

While serving only minimal time, Tony also served for the U. S. Marine Corp. It remains uncertain as to why the Marine only served a year between 1990 and 1991. If voters are curious as to why, then looking up Mr. Chavis in public records will most likely provide this knowledge.

Since high school, the former patrolman has been involved in civic organizations. In doing so, the candidate has also donated time to a variety of non-profit groups and charitable causes. Most of which, were, in one way or another associated with this ongoing interest in law enforcement. Whether an annual policeman’s ball, or other event, the former patrolman has often been the first to make annual donations in these areas.

While other candidates also have impressive platforms, many in the area believe Tony is the right person for the job. One reason this is the case, is the candidate’s belief that areas prone to criminal activity can often be reformed. In addition, the candidate plans on continuing existing programs of neighbor watches, community organizing and school presentations.

In addition, the candidate sees citizens as the first priority against crime though the use of security systems, web cameras and neighbor watch groups. If elected, Tony also plans to enhance and bring more technology to the office. After which, it is hoped that more cold case and other crimes will be solved more easily than with existing options.

Ultimately, the candidate wants to build stronger community ties between residents and police. If elected, the former patrolman plans to do so through education, community organizing and school presentations. Knowing one of the only ways to do so is to be elected Sheriff, the candidate’s hope is that many locals will vote in upcoming elections.

Vote for Tony Chavis to run for sheriff by visiting his official website today. Here is the main page that contains further info at http://chavisforsheriff.com.

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