Respect Is The Doorway Out Of World War 3

Respect Is The Doorway Out Of World War 3

The world is facing a dark reality. Conflict is everywhere. Crimes are committed here and there. Even family members are killing and hurting one another. You just do not know who you can trust anymore.

But all these conflict is not new to humanity. Humankind had always been fighting one another ever since the dawn of civilization. Even in biblical times, the people of God had to face all sorts of conflicts. There has never been an end to all these earthly battles. The world war 3 ISIS issue just could not be totally blamed on Islamic race.

The creation of ISIS gave rise to the idea of having one common territory for all the Islamic nations. A great leader had hoped to unite all his people into one nation and this was his dream. He had the good intentions for creating this group but the circumstances have somehow tainted this ideal. Hence, they became the most feared terrorist group.

The Paris attacks were a blast. The fearful explosion shook the entire planet. Everyone was alarmed. Several nations had shown their love and support. The Internet flooded with images and videos about this tragic event. The earth moans in darkness for the demise of its people.

The Middle East had always been a favorite subject for the mass media. News about these areas torn by war will often, if not always, get easily sold out between concerned citizens. It would not be difficult to find information about the subject. Even school children are already talking about this infamous terrorist group.

The third world war is truly a grave threat to all mankind. Just imagine the heavy artillery that these nations could use in the battlefields. The leaders of great nations are already preparing themselves for this disastrous event. They are always working out on ways to counteract the wicked ideals of this terrorist group.

This conflict between people just does not seem to end. Even in biblical times, humanity always had to face one conflict after another. It seems too impossible to obtain peace.

But behind every external conflict is a conflict within ourselves. This is a true saying. All great battles start from a battle within. Man is conflicted within himself. He is always bothered between choosing what is right from what is wrong. This is the great dilemma. The human being is constantly bothered with the choice between good and evil.

The book of Exodus tells about a beautiful story of respect. God told Moses to take off his sandals. Simply put, God is asking Moses to show some respect. Some countries have this tradition to take off their sandals before entering a house. The Exodus story is metaphor. The way to peace is for humankind to learn to love and respect each another.

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