An Evaluation Of WW3 Predictions

An Evaluation Of WW3 Predictions

The first and second world wars had negative consequences on innocent lives as well as property owned by people. These two wars were caused by political conflicts between super power countries. WW3 predictions that are forecasted these days portray a possibility of another massive world war. Such forecasts are being made by some religious leaders and political analysts.

The political war in Syria is the main point of discussion regarding the possibility of a world war three. This is because of the terrorist group known as ISIS that has launched terror attacks in various countries. Innocent civilians have lost their lives during these attacks. Furthermore, confrontations between the United States and Russia have also made very many political analysts to conclude that a third world war is imminent.

The Russian and United States governments are prominent for investing in nuclear weapons. They have also implemented new methods of combating terror attacks. For instance, Russia is very advanced in technology and industrial activities. This advancement has paved a way for the creation of massive gadgets like bombs that are powered by radioactive materials. Critics have argued that radioactive weapons are meant for a third world war.

There are several countries that are secretly involved in the Syrian political conflicts. An example is the US because it sides with Syrian rebels. Another example is Russia that is trying to shield Syrian President against Syria rebels. Both Russia and the US have selfish and contrasting motives hence forming a basis for their disagreements.

The Paris terror attack that took place late last year is believed to have been orchestrated by ISIS. This attack was meant to cause tension amidst western countries. The president of the United States said that his government is evolving new strategies to combat the ISIS. He also mentioned that this terror group shifted its focus from assassinating Christians to assassinating Muslims too.

Pope Francis joins the list of the spiritual leaders who believe that nuclear nations may cause this war. In a press briefing, the pope suggested that crimes against humanity will be committed when nuclear countries rage war against each other. He supported his argument by mentioning that nuclear bombs signify the possibility of another world war.

It is also believed that North Korea is testing nuclear missiles meant to attack the US. There is a possibility of a conflict between the North Korea government and US government. This is another clear indication that world war three is imminent. Numerous reports have indicated that North Korea citizens are disappointed in the way the US government carries out its international operations.

ISIS terrorist group focuses on the Syria and Iran war as a means to rage war against other countries. This militia group monitors the governments of countries that are trying to support the Syria and Iran war. They respond by sending suicide bombers and shooters to kill and destroy property that is worth millions of cash. The ISIS leader issued a statement recently that he targets to put an end to humanity. This is a clear indication that a third world war is imminent.

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