Taking Care Of Quartz Countertops Baltimore MD Furniture

Taking Care Of Quartz Countertops Baltimore MD Furniture

One of the main materials used to make kitchen countertops is granite. This is because they can be easily cut to form different shapes and designs as well as withstand very high temperatures. They also have a long life as they can retain their beauty and last longer without getting damaged. Here are tips to help you increase the durability of your Quartz Countertops Baltimore MD furniture.

The first thing that you need to do is to use a sealing material to cover the surface of the granite. This will prevent the granite from all over spilled liquid, and the sealer will also give time for the liquid to be wiped before it penetrates to the granite. Although granite is not porous, it is important to maintain it well and dry to prevent it from losing its beauty and enhance its durability.

Cleaning spills as soon as they occur is yet another maintenance habit that granite surface users should embrace. This should be the case to prevent acidic fluids from corroding the seal and getting to the granite surface. Some liquids such as fruit juices, oils, coffee, wines, perfumes and hair cleansing agents can cause stubborn stains. If allowed to stay on the granite surface for long, they become hectic to clean while some would leave permanent stains on the surface.

Although the granite material can withstand the high temperatures, you should not expose it intentionally to the heat on a frequent basis especially direct heat. The high temperatures often lead to cracks in the concrete immediately or in the long run thus affecting the durability of the countertop. To prevent this ensure you place a protective pad beneath hot cooking ware before placing them on the top to avoid direct heat and particles that may scratch the countertop surface.

When it comes to cleaning the countertops, you should avoid rough cleaning agents like abrasives and also be gentle while cleaning the surface. When you use corrosive detergents, they will wear out the sealer and get to the granite service and corrode it also. You should avoid using detergents which have ammonia, bleaches, and acids and embrace warm water and mild soap together with a soft fiber to clean the countertops.

When installed in the kitchen, granite surfaces should not be used as the chopping surfaces. With time, the knives and other choppers could cause scratches or even cracks. Use chopping boards on the counters to maintain them for long. It is also not advisable to exert too much force on granite surfaces. Sitting or standing with your entire weight on granite surfaces is a sure way of destroying them.

The counters are the main targets for placing various items anytime. Caution should be taken in placing the materials on the surface as some products example oily substances, vinegar and perfumes tend to lead to stubborn stains on the granite surface.

To avoid corrosion, you should make sure that you do not place any hair cleaners, perfume, and polishes directly on the granite surface. You can choose a placing pad if you so much need to place that thing on the surface.

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