Steps Of Doing Window Cleaning The Woodlands TX

Steps Of Doing Window Cleaning The Woodlands TX

Cleaning your house or business premises is a job that can get you busy often. It does not matter whether it is a professional or the owner, one thing that both will agree to is that window cleaning the Woodlands TX is an integral part of the work. Clean windows will complement the aesthetic conditions of the place well. Doing it the right way and with the right tools will get people asking you questions on how good you manage to do it.

In order to start the work well, look for the appropriate tools. Some of them you may not have them at home because of their specific purposes but you can easily purchase them from your local hardware or a shop selling cleaning supplies near you. A number of the tools needed are; bucket, squeegee, mop, scraper and detergent. Others will include; ladder, rags, tool belt and poles.

Then fill your bucket half full or slightly less with cold water. It is not advisable to use hot water because the water will evaporate at a high rate. Put a few squirts of the detergent in water or as some may prefer, apply the detergent directly on to the mop. Make the mop wet so that the detergent is activated.

You should then embark on the actual cleaning. Rub the window using the mop thoroughly but gently until you are satisfied that all the dirt has been lifted. If there are stubborn marks on the glass, use a scrapper to take them off. Ensure you do not pass the scrapper back and forth. Instead, pass it in the forward direction to avoid scratches.

The squeegee should be the next tool at hand. If you are right handed, hold it firmly with your right hand with the thumb at the midpoint between the upper end and the side. You should place it on glass at an angle that will make you move it comfortably as you wipe off the water. Do not press it too hard against the glass because you may not be able to move it.

Now start wiping off water from the window. You should start from the top corner of the glass moving downwards towards the bottom until you reach the edge. Do this as you move right to other wet areas. It is usually very difficult to wipe off all the water from the edges as a beginner, but as you gain experience in the work, you will find it an easy.

It is virtually impossible to get water off the edges. That is why it is important to have a micro-fiber cloth. It comes in handy especially when you want to rid the glass of water marks. Ensure that the cloth is dry. Professional cleaners will normally need one, but beginners will need several of them. Use the towel to wipe off the water in the sills and on the floor.

Take a towel and dry the window sills and floor below. If you notice that there are still some finger prints or insect marks that did not come out, rub them again using the fiber cloth. If this does not bare fruits, then start the process all over again. Clean both sides of the windows left to be cleaned.

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