Key Steps Of Custom Tile Flooring

Key Steps Of Custom Tile Flooring

Tiling your living room, bathroom, or kitchen is a part of home renovation project that gives your home a customized look that addresses your tastes and preference. Tiles have ability to improve the market value of your home. However, it will depend on the type of flooring material that is selected. The materials may range from wood laminate, carpet, or tile floors. These materials have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is important to choose one that addresses your needs. The procedure of custom tile flooring may seem to be a difficult task especially when you are doing it yourself. Nevertheless, with research and guidance from an expert you can do it successfully.

Whether you are tiling your kitchen, bathroom, or living, you should make a point of cleaning it and making it ready for the fitting process. The dilapidated cement backer board as well as old tiles must be removed. Fresh cement backer board must be fitted. To prevent the backer board from being damaged by water, you should use either a brush or a roller to create a waterproof membrane.

New tiles should be installed when the floor is clean and dry. Before purchasing the flooring material, you should measure the dimensions and calculate the size and number of material that you need during the tiling process. Ensure you purchase an excess of ten percent of the material to replace those that are likely to be damage during the installation process. You can consult an expert during the installation process.

The installation process must be started at the floor, if you are aiming at tiling both the wall and the floor. During this tiling procedure, you will need to cut the material to fit the recommended design. You will need to mark the starting point by installing a level board that begins from the right bottom corner and ends at the right top corner.

Choose a thin-set mortar appropriate for your material and prepare it using a mixing paddle and a drill. The preparation procedure is indicated on the package. Make sure the mixture has acquired the creamy peanut butter consistency. Afterward, spread the thin-set in the place you are intending to lay the tiles.

Your room will appear stunning when tiles are uniformly layered. Therefore, you must have a point of reference during the installation process. Materials that are larger than the available space should be trimmed.

Grouting is finishing step that ensure the tiles have achieved a stunning appearance. However, before grouting, the tiles must have achieved a perfect fit on the floor. The procedure of preparing the grout is available on the package.

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