Why You Need Oriental Rug Repair

Why You Need Oriental Rug Repair

The Oriental rugs are a huge fortune because of their captivating beauty. They are quite costly and neglecting them can be very expensive issues which can make you regret a lot. Taking proper care of the mat means that it can be used by many generations. Here are some tips if you need to do some Oriental rug repair.

Moths and bugs normally gnaw on your rug, and they lay their eggs on it without being perceived. The hatched larvae then eat your carpet to sustain themselves until they grow. When you get to notice, your rug will have been damaged, and there is nothing else you can do apart from having it repaired.

Dealing with these nasty worms is the only way out, and you only have to vacuum the rug on a regular basis or once very week. You can use the vacuums attachment on fringes, corners or rugs with deep pile. You can also use an insecticide that cannot be harmful to animals and humans to prevent moths from getting into your home. Before spraying it on your rug, use it somewhere else to ensure that it does not get to spoil your precious rug, or even spoil your floor.

The beautiful design on the edge of your mat can loosen and then be separated from the body of the carpet because of being stepped on daily. It is good to note that the borders can be substituted with new yarns. If the carpet is the expensive type, ensure that you take it to an expert for repairs, but if it is machine made, you can do it yourself if you have the skill or you can take it to a person who you know can do it.

Water can easily damage your rug. It loses color, it warps, loses fiber, and bad stains make it look bad. It can get damaged without you noticing, and a smell starts emanating from the mat. This could mean that mold and mildew have found their way into your home. If the carpet is not heavy, you can keep it outside to let it dry up under the sun so that you can get rid of the mold.

The labor involved in repairing an Oriental rug is painstaking meaning that you will have to part with a considerable amount of money when the repairs are done. When you notice a slight damage on your carpet, you should not ignore it because if you do, it will become big and the more expensive it will be.

Puppies and kittens urinate anywhere in the house, and the rug can be a very comfortable place for them to do their thing. If you want to have your mat for a long time, you just have to roll it and keep it in a safe place until the pets grow up, and they are house trained. In that way, you will be able to leave the carpet to other generations.

The Oriental rug is fragile, and it needs a lot of tender loving care. However, it can go for very many years if you take good care. If the carpet happens to get damaged, seek referrals from neighbors, friend or family members and they will help you find a skilled and competent person or company in Corona Del Mar CA, and they will do repairs these precious rugs in a professional way.

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