Tips To Help Maintain Oriental Rugs

Tips To Help Maintain Oriental Rugs

Oriental mats are a broad range of coverings that are used on the floor. In most cases, they are made in Asian countries using hands. These carpets are commonly made of silk, wool, or cotton. Different techniques are used in the making of carpets but to get a good quality of oriental rugs, the best way to go about it is using the hands. If you have a carpet and are wondering how to maintain it to ensure that it gives you service for a long time, follow the below tips.

Do not let the carpet lie in one position; you need to take time to rotate it as much as possible. Some people take up to a year before they change the position, and this leads to it getting torn on the side that experiences a lot of human traffic. To ensure that the tear is evenly distributed, rotate the carpet after every two months.

If possible, do not place the mat in a place where there is direct sunlight. UV rays result in fading of your rug, and the color is one of the elements that makes the rug look beautiful. Without the natural color, then it is not as attractive and will not compliment the area as much. If you notice an area that is bringing direct sunlight, then you should block it from reaching the carpet.

The carpets have fringes that can easily tangle or become twisted. A majority of homeowners prefer to comb the fringes so that they can untangle. However, this is not advisable as it could lead to the wearing off of the fabric. To untangle, flip the end of the mat and let the fringe straighten naturally.

Ensure that the carpet is vacuumed as much as possible, well maintained and clean. If it is in a public place where many people are using it, then vacuuming should be done daily to avoid dust from accumulating inside the rug, as this will make it packed with excess dirt. Do not use too much power when vacuuming as this might cause the delicate fibers to run.

Once a spill takes place on the carpet, you need to clean the spot immediately. To begin with, you should use a dry cloth to soak off excess liquid. However, note that you should not use bleach, soap or any other cleaning products as it might damage the fabric.

Do not put the rug directly on the floor as this could lead to wearing off at a fast rate. Use a padding underneath it to ensure that it is in a stable position. At the same time, this will help in maintaining the shape as well as the possibility of the carpet to wrinkle.

When you have moisture building up on your carpet, it could have effects that are devastating like the formation of mold and mildew growth. To prevent the buildup and presence of odor, hang the carpet outside for a few hours after every six months or anytime you notice it has come in contact with moisture.

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