Tips For Maintaining Leather Goods Due For Storage

Tips For Maintaining Leather Goods Due For Storage

The majority of people wear leather products in winter and as soon as the season is over, they store them somewhere safe so that they can use it in the next season. The Material is known to be durable and can last for long if you store and maintain it appropriately. The moment you acquire any products from this material, treat them the same way you would handle your automobile. When leather goods are stored properly, you will be surprised by how they function and look even years after you purchase them. Below are tips to help you out:

When storing your leather products like shoes and jackets, you may want to maintain their shape even after storing them for quite some time. One way of ensuring you retain shape is by use of an acid-free stuffing paper. Do not make a mistake of using an acid paper as this will damage the material.

When it comes to the clothes, it is advisable that you hang them using the wooden hangers instead of using the plastic ones. The reason behind this idea is that the plastic hangers are vulnerable to a certain deformation known as creep which causes the damage on the leathers. It is also advisable that you avoid folding the leathers so as to prevent any creases.

Also, you need to apply substantial amounts of moisturizer or conditions onto the products from this material prior to storage. These conditioners usually contain substances such as beeswax, lanolin, and coconut oil. These substances ensure your products are appropriately hydrated and protected against dirt and moisture.

Keep your items in a well-aerated container. Avoid using an airtight container as this may cause moisture to build up which may in return damage your products. A well-ventilated container allows for free movement of fresh air ensuring the products keep fresh with no bad smell at all.

Have a dehumidifier near the place where you store the leathers. This is because moisture is needed to protect the leathers but it has to be on average. Too much moisture is not encouraged for it is known to ruin the materials. On this, it is essential to protect the product from too much or direct sunlight. The dehydration from too much sunlight will leave it cracked, and this is not good if you want to preserve it for long. The sunlight might also bleach it to a color that is not attractive at all. A good place to store them should be cool and dark.

If a drink spills on your items, you need to remove the wet spot with a soft, absorbent cloth immediately. You can also soak the cloth in a water solution and clean with a mild non-detergent soap. Also, avoid applying perfumes and hairspray while wearing your products. Chemicals that are present in these products are dangerous and can damage the leather.

There are also professionals who can advise you more on how to maintain your valuable leather items. Your local dry cleaner may also be offering such service in an aim of making sure your lavish products are safe and secure.

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