How To Handle Oriental Rug Cleaning

How To Handle Oriental Rug Cleaning

There is something classy and also incredibly fascinating about handmade items, whether it is clay pots, woolen sweaters, or silk tapestries. All these items however, require a lot more maintenance than factory manufactured items. If you want to go about Oriental rug cleaning, there are some things you will need to know. This will prevent you from ruining a beautiful, and most likely expensive, floor mat.

Most fabrics have the ideal way they should be cleaned. Therefore, you will have to be sure what material your rugs are made from. With this information, you can hand wash the cottons and wools, and the silk and satin ones can be dry-cleaned. Some of them may require to be delicately cleaned at a particular pressure, and also at regulated temperatures. If you own an item like this, it is best to get this work done by an expert based in Corona del Mar, California.

You might routinely vacuum the whole house, and this should also extend to your floor coverings. You can choose to take them outside and beat them with a stick, or just vacuum them on both sides. This reduces the amount of dust and small particles caught in the fibers, which prevent them from matting. You will need to go about this carefully, to avoid having the frilly ends trapped in the machine.

No matter how keen and orderly you are, at some point something will spill onto the rug. It might be soda, wine, or even food. These stains should be dealt with as soon as possible, to prevent it from soaking into the carpet, while cleaning the stained spot do not scrub but blot the area. The cloth you are using will absorb the stain, whereas scrubbing will only make it worse.

There are many chemicals used for cleaning carpets, but this should not be used on oriental mats, especially the hand woven ones. Very gentle soap solutions are recommended. This will take remove the dirt without harming the materials used, and will also not bleach the item. You can also just use a gentle, well diluted carpet shampoo.

Because most of the fibers used to make these items are natural, you need to be very careful when drying them. Too much contact with the sun might weaken the fibers and cause the colors to fade. However, if you do not let them dry properly, they will start developing mildew, or may attract moths. Both organisms will have a detrimental effect on the rug.

To ensure you are not always getting the mats cleaned, dissuade people from walking on them with outside shoes. This will keep them clean for longer, and will also keep them in good shape for longer. The constant movement in the house will also wear them out, and this can be slowed by not placing these carpets directly on the floor, or in high traffic areas.

With torn clothes patches can be used. Although these oriental mats cannot be patched up, sometimes the damage can be repaired. This will need to be done by a professional to ensure the mended area resembles the rest of the item. If the damage is too big, that section can be discarded and the mat reshaped,

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