Important Things To Know Before You Buy Cavachons For Sale

Important Things To Know Before You Buy Cavachons For Sale

No doubt you will come across quite a few advertisements and signs once you set your mind on a new dog as a pet. Some of these signs may have indicated a cavachon breed for sale. Should this breed be a possible candidate for your interest, then do read on before responding to that Cavachons for sale sign you saw earlier.

The cavachon is a breed developed by mating the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the Bichon Frise. It goes without saying therefore that the temperament or personality that you will get will be a mix of the two with either one being dominant.

However, the dominant trait will not show up until they are older. So its either you will get a more or less active one or docile one in the future. In predicting the future temperament of your cavachon puppy, it is a guessing game at best.

If you really want a good bargain in getting t his breed, you may try your luck at visiting the local shelter and see if they have any around. But if you are willing to shell out a few dollars, be prepared on average to pay about two hundred to five hundred dollars per puppy. If you decide to get one with a champion bloodline, then be prepared to pay a little bit more.

This breed can pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to housebreaking training. It will tend to take a bit longer to house train and discipline in terms of making it live indoors. Quite a few cavachon owners will swear to the success of using the crate method in housebreaking this breed for indoor living. You may want to give this method a try by doing further research on the internet for quite a few sites do deal with this method.

This breed will have silky and soft coats that are slightly wavy. It comes in three general color combinations of white, apricot and white and white with black and tan markings. First generation crosses will tend to shed less so if you have a mind to getting this breed you may consider how much shedding you can live with. A general rule when bathing these dogs will be at least one good bath in a six to eight week range and regular daily brushing.

When fully grown, this breed will reach a height of about a foot or twelve inches. This in essence will classify them as a small breed and thus ideal for small space living, such as in a city apartment or condominium. They also adapt well to living on the road in recreational vehicles, for those who travel a lot. In parallel to this, a smaller dog will also require smaller maintenance in terms of food and such.

Thus we have covered in this article some basic information on the breed that may help you decide if this is the one dog for you or not. Definitely there are many other considerations to ponder but suffice to say that what is covered in this article is good basic information to get you start thinking and deciding.

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