For Heating Oil Baltimore Is The Way To Go

For Heating Oil Baltimore Is The Way To Go

Another name commonly used for heating oil is oil heat. This is a liquid petroleum product with a low viscosity and often used in household applications. The abbreviation HHO is commonly used for this petroleum product. When in need for heating oil Baltimore offers the best location to consider checking out. Baltimore is home to many suppliers of this product on small scale as well as large scale. They serve both local and foreign consumers in major markets around the world.

Chemically, HHO is made of a combination of hydrocarbons that are derived from petroleum with a carbon atom range of fourteen to twenty. During refinement, when a temperature range of 250-350 is attained, the hydrocarbons condense. Petroleum jelly, candle wax, bitumen, and lubricating oil have a much higher condensation temperature than HHO.

However, compared to kerosene, the condensation temperature of HHO is higher than that of kerosene. Kerosene condenses at temperatures between 160 and 250 degrees Celsius. Heavier hydrocarbons within the HHO composition condense between 340 and 400 degree Celsius. Most products derived from HHO have similar chemical characteristics as diesel fuel used in vehicles and other machines. Thus, the two are often used as substitutes for each other.

In most parts of the world, HHO and diesel fuel are taxed differently, with the latter being taxed higher. Taxing is used as an incentive to encourage purchase and consumption of HHO. To make differentiation of HHO and diesel oil easier since they look the same, visual differences and odor are incorporated. In the UK and US, HHO is called red diesel because red dyes are added into it to make it different from diesel fuel.

In the US, there are no taxes applied on HHO used on highways. Red dyes makes identification easier in order to enforce tax exemption. Tank trucks are used for delivery of HHO to buildings, both residential and commercial. Storage is done in tanks located above the ground, also called above-ground storage tanks. The tanks may be situated inside the house or outside in the open. This fuel is not commonly used in generation of power and industrial applications.

Leaks from storage tanks or piping installations often cause a great concern on the environment. To counter the possibility of leaks, federal and state governments enforce strict laws concerning the transportation, storage, and application of HHO. Federal regulators classify the product as a hazardous material. Procedures for containment of leaks are also elaborate.

The level of consumption of heating oil in the US is very high. Conformation to the ASTM standard D396 is mandatory in the country. Separate ASTM standards are maintained for diesel and kerosene despite their close similarity to HHO. Canada is another major consumer of HHO.

The regulation of the cost of HHO in the United States is under the Department of Energy. The department determines prices per gallon and tracks current prices on the market. There are websites that help buyers to compare prices among various suppliers and also with the prices recommended by the department.

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