Effects Of Latch Key Children

Effects Of Latch Key Children

In the twenty first century, many people have become career couples. Unlike in the past where parents have had enough time with their kids, now they are often left alone at home since their parents are either working or have gone for another shift. This has brought a problem in terms of parenting where there is a less parental supervision on the kids. The latch key children often end up suffering because there is no one they can tell their problems to.

The main challenge affecting the kids is loneliness. It is very sad for a kid to come from school to an empty home. The kid will always feel lonely since there is no one to play or chat with during the night. This may lead to depression of the kid at a very early age which is very bad. Some parents come late and find the kids are already sleeping hence they have very little hours together.

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When a kid is used to being home alone at night, fear will develop in them. Most elder siblings are left to take care of their younger siblings when the parents have gone to work or are yet to arrive home. This instills fear in them and this may affect their growth negatively. Parents are advised to be home when night falls to ensure their children feel secure.

Boredom is another issue that has been found to affect kids especially the young ones. Despite having toys to play with, kids require bonding with their parents during their free time. This helps them develop new skills which they can use when they are left alone.

Most kids who enter puberty and they have less parental supervision are likely to start using drugs. At this stage, kids are prone to peer pressure and will start taking substance they have never used before. Some will use the drugs as they try to relieve themselves from the challenges they are encountering on a daily basis. This eventually brings more problems to the family.

Children in puberty develop and experience new developments in their body and behaviors. This requires someone who understands to talk to them and advise accordingly. In a situation the parent is always away, the kid will have no one to talk to. This may affect how the kid will be at the time they mature.

There is a high likelihood that a kid may drop out of school after having spent a lot of time away from the parent. Some kids who leave school often end up assisting their parents to get more incomes to help raise the younger siblings. This is another problem that will not help resolve the poverty the family has been trapped in.

The law concerning the rights of latch key kids varies from one state to another. There are however provisions that have been put for parents to spend reasonable time with parents. Such parents should be assisted by the state to ensure their kids enjoy good parental acre just like any other kid.

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