Checkpoints To Consider In Tub Refinishing Springfield MA

Checkpoints To Consider In Tub Refinishing Springfield MA

Personal hygiene is enhanced when an individual uses the bathroom. This makes it an essential part of any house. However, its continuous utilization over a long period results in deposition of scam that can be difficult to deal with. This makes the appearance of tub unpleasing, and in this case, engaging in tub refinishing Springfield MA becomes a mandatory thing to carry out.

To start with, an individual is supposed to clean and scrape the entire tub surface. An appropriate tool for the activity is the single blade scrapper. The tool works best in scrapping and is usually stoked in some supplies tore in Springfield MA. When scraping, ore emphasis needs to be given to the site around the overflow section. When there is rust, it can always be dealt with using a rust removal chemical.

The next thing to do is to remove all the caulking. In most bathtubs, silicone and rubber caulking are used in the quest of making the tub watertight. The caulking has to be removed from all the edges of tub and the surrounding tile as well. This will give the individual an opportunity to perform a good job on the tub. After doing, this, water should be used to rinse thoroughly everything.

The next thing to engage in is to etch the surface. In this case, an etching cream comes in handy. This is a chemical that is recommended for cleaning tubs. Evenly apply the cream using a brush and let it be for ten minutes. After the duration, a sponge should be used in a bid to wash the cream out. Experts recommend that while you are at it, begin from the outer part as you work your way to the interiors.

Immediately the tub is completely dried up, the next thing to do is sanding. This will come long way in making it smooth. Before that, various chips and dent that may be evident are filled up using speed filler. The dry sand paper is first used fold by the wet one. A wet sand paper functions by getting rid of choky residues that may have been left after etching.

It is essential to cover up the surrounding surface which includes walls and the floor. This can be achieved by the use of tapes. The sink, mirror, and cabinet are highly susceptible to damage if they are not well covered. The drain of the tub should also be covered to prevent chemicals from clogging it. The tub surface is then sprayed with alcohol while putting on protective gears such as gloves.

After covering up, correctly mix the primer coating as stipulated in the manual. Two layers of primer coat coupled with three layers of the acrylic top coating are then applied. Here, thirty minute duration should be allowed in between application of c coat. After that, the tub should not be used for about one day. Before using it, be sure to wash with soap and water first.

It can be confirmed that resurfacing acts as a convenient method of making tubs appear brand new. Supposing you realize that the job is too much for you, a technician can always be available. The newly refinished tub will obviously make the bathroom a masterpiece.

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